Monday, July 10, 2017

Lovely Morning For a Stroll, 'Eh What?

What a wonderful morning we have had all ready and it isn't even 11am!  Hallelujah!

We were up and at 'em at 7:15am, getting ready to drive our car to the dealership for an airbag recall.  By later this afternoon we should have our vehicle back with a newer, safer airbag! Thank you Honda for letting us know this was needed!

The dealership is about 4km straight north of our place, so after we dropped the car off we declined the offer of a free ride home and opted to walk. Although it is setting up to be another scorcher of a day, this morning there has been a cooling, rather stiff breeze, which made the walk most pleasant.

We stopped just before the half way point at the Double Tree Hotel and so enjoyed a wonderful breakfast buffet at the Wild Sage.  It is getting to be our "go to" place when we can afford it.  O my, it was quite delicious! Freshly made omelets with every imaginable filling, fresh fruit that was ripe and juicy...someone in that kitchen has the smarts to cut the ubiquitous melon slices sufficiently far from the outer peeling as to avoid any toughness, a choice of scrambled eggs that were average, but poached eggs that were properly cooked with the yoke soft and runny over the top of my croissant. There was toast, French toast, baked beans, properly cooked bacon...well done but not brittle, sausages that were not the best but o well, even a steaming plate of hot, mixed fresh veggies that I stuffed myself with.  There were all manner of pastries, breakfast cereals, flavoured yogurts and several varieties of cheese and olives, cottage cheese, plus two types of salsas.  I know I am forgetting some of the items. The price was rather reasonable for all that food!  Our drinks were included, no matter what we ordered.  Our server was a lovely young woman from northern India who was friendly and provided perfect service.  Used dishes were removed immediately, but we were never made to feel rushed.  Drinks were instantly refilled.   It is my husband's sister's wedding anniversary and we felt like it was us doing the celebrating for them.  Now that we know Wild Sage has a decent breakfast buffet it will be a place we can take them next time they come to visit.

After our fabulous repast we walked the other 2 kilmetres home along a shady side street, crossing through a few old parking lots beside former Anglican properties that have been sold to be used for various businesses and personal residences.  It is a lovely old area of the city, the crime rate notwithstanding. 

Now we have the rest of the day free for my husband to work on his presentation for Wednesday.  I have a LOT of work I can start doing around here in preparation for the cleaning spree I will begin tomorrow when he heads off to work.  My own "Holiday from Housework" officially ends at 8am! hahaha  Waaaaaahhhhhh!!  

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