Friday, July 21, 2017

Not Quite Drenched This Time, Definitely Not As Mad!!

I have figured out the problem of getting from my car back across the lawn, through the maze of the underground sprinkler system to my back door when my arms are loaded with heavy things: I simply can't run quickly enough!  Hard as I tried this morning, the case of carbonated water tins I was carrying slowed me down just enough to catch the first spew of water as the hose head swung over in my direction just at the back steps.  hahaha BUT at least this time I only got a bit of water full in the face and only one arm got wet.  HUGE improvement over yesterday's soaking! 

The other difference today is that I am feeling well after a grand night of deep sleep and a slow awakening to a cooler morning.  So today I am giggling over getting hit with the hose water instead of freaking out.  Another happy addition to my morning is that my husband and I had a long phone chat as he sat in the pace vehicle along the road near Glidden waiting for the Bishop and his bicycle posse to catch up from Kindersley.  AND I had such a great visit with my out of town friend here yesterday, enjoying a cool drink and conversation in my own living room.  The little suite seems to brighten up considerably when we have company!

I am disappointed to discover that my days of eating any sort of prawns or katsuobushi (smoked bonita tuna flakes), at least as prepared and served in Japanese restaurants, seems to be over.  As much as I enjoyed the okonomiyaki at Sakura Sushi the other night, it turns out the fish in it gave me the same reaction as I had twice at Wann's and once at another Japanese restaurant here that shall remain nameless because the food is SO incredibly bad.  In every case I slept badly that night and awoke the next morning just in time to lose most of the previous evening's dinner. Yet another thing I can't eat any more.  Of course I shouldn't have prawns anyway for the sake of my cholesterol, but katsuobushi is such a staple of so many Japanese dishes that I am going to have to search long and hard to find Japanese foods I can eat now.  Curries are out because of the unbelievably high sodium content, dark miso has started to bother me, more than a quarter cup of rice or udon noodles is too much for the blood sugar, teriyaki and other sauces have too much sugar, the tempura dishes are too greasy in most places and I don't trust the processing and handling of some of the sashimi here partly because the wasabi is mixed with less heat, for the prairie palate I suppose, and isn't strong enough to kill parasites.  For the sake of my husband I am still going to go to Japanese restaurants with him at times, but will content myself with half a California roll and a sunomono salad (minus the handful of wee shrimp that usually adorn the rice noodles), or regular North American green salad.  I thrived on Japanese diet prior to developing all these crazy health issues so it is most difficult to have to give up 3/4 of it.

Today it is overcast and a bit cooler with a high forecast for only +28C.  The phone bill arrived yesterday so I am going to walk downtown to pay it, mail a parcel, treat myself to a chicken shawarma salad at Zam's and check out the first day of Sear's liquidation sale.  Doubt there will be anything left worth buying as they have been moving out and consolidating stock since the closure was announced a couple of weeks ago, but it will be fun to have a gawk about the place before I walk home again. Maybe tomorrow morning I will walk back that direction and take in the Farmer's Market for a change of pace.  My husband has to work next Tuesday so that will give me the whole day to clean here before my transition team meets here on the Wednesday evening.  Yay, no serious cleaning needs to be done tomorrow after all! YAYAYAYAY!

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