Saturday, July 29, 2017

Nyahaaaaa...My Little Plan Worked!

I picked my husband up at 3pm and before 4pm we were at the open house....we only got lost once! hahaha  

The place was about what we thought it would be.  All places look wonderful when they are brand new, but they are SO cheaply constructed and finished it won't be long before they look like the older surrounding rental properties, also owned by our management company.  We loved the layouts of the suites. The bedrooms are bigger than the ones here, there are glorious large balconies, there is underground parking, there are huge islands in kitchens of all three layouts.  Water and electric power are included in the rent.  On the surface it looks as though it could be a good deal.

However, apart from the cheap building materials there are some other down sides.  There are no storage units in the underground parking area and only one of the layouts includes a small storage room that is so small one person would barely have room to stand inside, let alone store the massive amount of "stuff" we have in our basement.  My husband could fit one trunk, two or three packsacks and his sleeping bag in there and that would be it.   The underground parking is not included in the rent, it is another $75 a month.  To have a parking space outside like we have here is also not included, it is an extra $30 a month.  Talk about highway robbery on top of the high rents.  Transferring our lease would cost us $250, although our damage deposit from here would carry over.  My husband would be looking at a nearly half hour drive to work and then home again on a weekend when the traffic volume is low.  I would be blocks and blocks from a bus route to anywhere.  It is a couple of km's to the nearly shopping complex. From what we could gather talking to other folk who live in the older complexes surrounding this new one, they face almost a full hour commute to and from work on weekdays.    

What put the kaybosh on any little flicker of an idea we may have had about the possibility of moving to that area is the fact that not only are pets allowed, but so is smoking. No, no, no!!  The only other apartment my husband and I ever lived in together was a smoking building.  Even though none of our immediate neighbours were smokers, the smoke filtered out from under the other suite doors and filled the hallways with the filth and stink. Health-wise we both barely survived our year in Calgary under those conditions. 

We happily left with our free bottles of water and our free ice cream, but as we drove out we noticed the condition of the older places there.  On the outside the condition of those places isn't any better than the condition of the places we live in noweven though they are several decades newer.  Some of them look even worse.  Yuck!!  We know the maintenance crews for this company have little clue what they are doing and so the new apt. building would become just as run down in fairly short order.  

We both loved the layouts of all 3 plans.  If the pets, smokers and extra parking charges could be eliminated and the building picked up and moved to our current location, yes, we would consider a move! hahahaha

My husband and I completed our tour just in time for my husband to be ravenous for dinner!  teehee  Yes....I planned that pretty well.  We went to Luiggi's for sicilian cannelloni and pizza.  It was extremely tasty.  My cannelloni was not lacking with my request for no added melted cheese. There was so much beef, so many veggies and thick hot sauce no cheese was needed.  The pasta was perfectly el dente.  My husband had a sicilian pizza that came on a crust so thin and crispy it was all he could do to refrain from eating the whole 10 inch plate of yumminess and bring a few slices home for tomorrow.

Now we are lazing about in the heat in our suite waiting for the fresh air and fan to cool things down for the rest of the evening.  Tomorrow is to be at least +34C, but I am happy we are not in Kelowna with their forecast high of +39C.  I have been in Kelowna at that temperature before and it is mind numbingly hot and muggy.  The prospect of another week or two of the heat here is enough to make me feel trapped without adding another 5 degrees into our forecast highs.  Poor Kelowna!! This will not assist the BC forest fire fighters to get things under control. 

Yawn....I really need to go and find something more active to do for the next couple of hours!

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