Thursday, July 27, 2017

O Dear Lord Above, It Is HOT!!!

Oh my goodness, it is heating up outside for the next week to ten days. Right now it is nearly +34C and I am wilting despite being quick to get my windows and blinds organized properly to keep the worst of the heat out of our suite.  I am tempted on days like this to be upset that we didn't take advantage of the offer of a full A/C unit to be installed in our suite, but then I remember the annual cost to have it and suddenly I can cope so much better with the heat! haha

The forecast temperatures over the next 5 days include mostly highs of +34C with the night time temperatures only dropping to +16C at the lowest.  When the heat goes on for days without that blessed cooling off at night I tend to get heat stroke.  Sure am hoping for mercy on that one!  Even when it "cools" toward the end of next week the forecast highs are still in the high +20C's.  Droop........

I am so grateful my husband works in an A/C's building all day!  He couldn't take this otherwise and would be very ill indeed.  He has a bed set up on blocks in the basement and has been sleeping down there.  If it wasn't for the spiders I would sleep down there as well, but I can't handle it and would be awake every time I felt anything remotely resembling the feeling tiny spidey feet wandering across my bedding or face.  Eek!!

Tonight we are eating a picnic dinner on the front lawn of some friends' house.  I wonder if they have A/C inside the house.  I suspect not. This is an older "second home away from home" for them as their primary residence is in another town all together, but I surely wish we could arrive to find out we had the option of eating in a cooler space.  I don't know when I have felt less like eating anything at all.......hey, maybe the bonus of this heat wave will be weight loss??

See, there is a good side to everything.....even if I have to look REALLY hard sometimes to find it, hahaha. 

After I vacuumed off the basement stairs this afternoon I decided to keep going.  Although my husband wasn't here to move all the boxes and shelving units down there so I could vacuum the entire area, I got a lot of it done.  I used the crevice tool to go all around the boxes that were too heavy to move and used the powerhead to get all the larger areas in the centre of the floor.  It is a start at least.  It felt particularly good to get the spaces around the washer and dryer and laundry sorting table cleaned up as much as I did.  AND, I was blessed to only find about a half dozen spiders in the course of my disrupting their routine.  I thought Vancouver Island had the most spiders of anywhere in this country, but I was wrong. The prairies are riddled with them, they just tend to be a bit smaller.  Blecch! 

So, better go and start getting the salad veggies ready!

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