Monday, July 3, 2017

Safely Arrived! Whew!

Blogging at 2am is getting to be a habit these days, but this posting at such a time is justifiable! Our son just sent his first email from his new home in Brooklyn! Despite the surprise of all of us sharing a deep sense of peace that this move is right for him at this time, the way things worked out after all the flight delays is pretty wonderful and we are grateful for the many prayers that have surrounded Eli over the past few months. He is beyond grateful for God's goodness, particularly over the past 24 hours!

After a more than 14 hour flight delay and a 2 hour wait at JFK for deplaning and collecting luggage, Eli AND his teeny fighting fish named 1-2-3, are safely in their new home. 1-2-3 has defied all odds all ready of surviving this long in the first place, surviving a serious fin disease a year ago and now surviving more than 24 hours in a zip lock bag! He is currently residing in a mason jar until the aquarium/equipment arrives. How in the blue blazes did our son get a fish onto the plane and through US customs?? Thank you Jesus!

Eli is shocked as well as relieved by the simplicity with which he was able to enter his new country. The guard did not conduct the expected interview for which Eli had spent hours preparing himself. He barely looked at the binder full of visa paperwork. All he did was ask what Eli does for a living and stamped the visa before waving him and his fish through into the USA to begin their new life. Our son was very conscious of God's hand opening up the doors for this new adventure, but he knows the prayers of many smoothed the way for him...and 1-2-3....we still can't believe he took that crazy fish with him!

Guess I will try to sleep now, but really, I am too excited to sleep.....again.  Joy over a number of things has been keeping me awake at night lately. But, better joy than depression, right? Of course right!

Thank you God for Eli and for whatever it is you have planned for him next! Thank you for all the caring family and friends who have prayed for new hope and direction for his life. May he fulfill this next step in peace and safety.

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