Thursday, July 6, 2017

Settling In

Eli and 1-2-3 are setting into their new home. 1-2-3 is once again ensconced in his proper tank with the air filter and some new plants, so is over the grumpiness and disorientation and back to his feisty self, which is a relief to our son.

The son has checked out the local groceries and markets, despairing at the generally poor quality of the produce and the low quality, past expiry dated olive oils. Finding good quality food in Brooklyn was a hassle when he lived in Williamsburg and seems to be one in Bedford-Stuyvesant as well. At the moment he is too excited about life to care. hahaha

He has decided to take on a more spiritual journey this trip, to discover what sorts of experiences his neighbourhood has to offer. Two of the Hasidic Jews he has met at market have invited him to Synagogue, there is a Zen monastery offering tours and he wants to hear the huge choir at the Brooklyn interdenominational Tabernacle. Since he is hopefully staying in NYC longer than a few weeks this time, he wants to expand his community beyond his usual "Church of Art". We are glad he is recognizing the value of such a community this time. Last time he was there he was so tied up with work he did little else and was too lonely when he had days off. We are most interested in what he may discover. No, we don't think there is much chance he will convert to Buddhism. It takes a level of daily spiritual discipline he does not have! His father studied Buddhism in great depth as a young man and discovered he did not have the discipline for it either! hahaha I noted with interest in those years how my husband developed that necessary discipline soon after becoming a Christian. Now he is an Anglican priest, performing daily office each morning and loving it. We have always told our son his love of and ability to maintain a more consistent level of daily spiritual discipline will grow and strengthen more once he finds a more fitting community, so he is on a search for just such a group.

I am waiting for a friend to pick me up for breakfast out this morning. I was wondering how I could last until 9am to eat, but my body took care of it. I woke up at 5:30am feeling hunger pangs so had a full carb snack! I don't usually wake up hungry prior to my usual breakfast time, but I remembered having an early dinner and no snack last evening, so being hungry so early on the morning made sense. Now I can easily wait for breakfast. Wherever we go we will have fun! IF she wakes up in time to actually make this happen. She is on her way to visit her family on her holidays, including Lee that you all prayed for after his medical disaster in the Far East. Hopefully I will have an update on Lee's condition upon her return.

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