Sunday, July 2, 2017

Steaming Hot!

That will be our weather for the next two weeks.  By this coming Wednesday the daytime temperatures will be up in the +30'sC with no lower temperatures looming for the foreseeable future.  Guess it is time we all stopped complaining about the cold, wet spring, eh?  teehee  I am so happy to have so many cool summer dresses to wear during such times, but I am going to have to be careful where and for how long I go for walks in that kind of heat.  My Japanese "upside down garbage can" style sun hat is going to see a lot of use this summer!

The other source of steam today is our son's flight problems to the USA out of Vancouver on Delta Airlines!  We have no idea what is happening today in that regard as we have not heard from him, but according to the Vancouver airport website his rescheduled flight that was to leave at 12:45pm today did not do any such thing!  It appears it was completely cancelled and there will not be another flight until tonight's daily 11pm departure.  If that is the case he is going to have one heck of a time getting the key drop off set up for his rental in NYC.  How many times has he had to rearrange that in the past 15 hours I wonder.  Is he sitting all day at the airport in Vancouver waiting for his flight tonight?  Was he able to switch to another airline or take the Delta flight to Minneapolis and get another connector from there?  Knowing our son he will not contact us until he has solved all the problems and actually arrived at his destination, hoping we will not be sitting here worrying about all the problems he has been experiencing....the crazy man, as if that could ever be true of us!  We are more than grateful he is an adult with a lot of travel experience who can sort out his own issues, but we are so sorry this is what is going on. There is usually a good reason that late night flights are so much less expensive than the earlier ones. We continue to hang onto God's promise of working things out for the best in the long run as we simply trust him in the trials of the moment.  

I woke up this morning under the assumption I should get out of bed and get ready for church, but when I looked at the clock I realized the service started in fifteen minutes. My husband was still snoring anyway. So much for that idea..........

We spent the day running errands, doing lots of shopping for camp food for my husband's August canoe trip and picking out gifts for the birthday boys for Tuesday's party.  We had a nice soup and salad lunch at Mario's....I enjoy the Italian wedding soup and my husband goes for the tomato soup.  I remembered to ask for the dressing on the side of my caesar salad and refused the offer of freshly grated parmesan to top it with.  I was amazed how little of the two tablespoons of dressing I consumed and really didn't find the salad too tasteless without the cheese.  Now that we are home from holidays I am putting a lot of attention into once again reducing my fats intake.  I so do not want to end up on statins and battling their eventual side effects if I can avoid it. 

We drove home late this afternoon very happy with our calm, relaxed day together, being out and about, getting away from the inside of this suite and enjoying the good weather. It has been a grand day.  As we got out of our vehicle here in the parking lot one of the little boys who lives in the complex approached us and asked us if we could PULLLLEEEEZE contact our Egyptian friends and invite them to visit at our place so he could play with their boys, as he misses them so much since they moved away last year.  Ooooh, the sad, despairing expression on his face was irresistible.  I just had to assure him we would make those arrangements as soon as possible.  What a sweet little ham actor...he sucked me right in. hahahaha

Time to bake some chicken for a late supper....we slept in until nearly 10am so my meal schedule is completely off base today.  Lunch was at nearly 3pm and dinner will be closer to 8pm.  Wish I could live with this schedule every day....especially the sleeping in part!

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