Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sweet Talkin'

We have just put the phone down after a most happy and encouraging chat with our son.  

How do you spell "relief"?  You spell it: E-l-i-i-s-d-o-i-n-g-w-e-l-l.
Now we are too!!

The best feeling in the world is knowing that your adult child is able to care well for himself, to make decisions that benefit his life, wants to start a new life as a new self, wants to begin the challenge of a deeper spiritual journey, is enjoying learning about his new country of residence and has found himself a decently paying temporary job while seeking something more permanent.  As soon as he receives a social security number he will be able to start being paid and will be able to have a phone plan that allows him to make calls back to Canada.  We have been at peace about his plans for this move and now we feel justified in standing up for his decision to those in the family who have not been quite as supportive...mostly they are just afraid for him because of the current politics and tensions on both sides of the border.

This week he starts a massive project stretching, and preparing for mailing, eighty 6 foot by 9 foot canvases for his temporary employer, artist Cheyney Thompson. The canvases are being sent to a gallery for a new show Mr. Thompson is featured in.  It is a brutal task!  At least he will not be bored sitting around home as he seeks more permanent employment. hahaha  

He has spent lots of time over the past week with former Bard classmates and another long term, also formerly from Vancouver, friend. In between visits he has been getting to know the retail outlets in his neighbourhood and the other tenants in his building.  He has gotten to know better the family that flung racial comments at him his first day in the city and discovered they actually live in their car and only hang out by his building so they can receive food assistance from a small church on the corner each morning. He lived with us in our car once, but only for a few days.  It very sad to imagine having to make that a more or less permanent lifestyle. He has accepted an invitation to The Hamptons for a week in August, a favourite place of his, and also an invitation to a friend's birthday party that will be taking place in Croatia.  Unfortunately he had to turn that second invite down due to the timing and the cost of the excursion.  After seeing our friends' travelogue from their own recent trip to Croatia, we certainly do hope he gets to go sometime.  They have an amazing history of computer art dating back to the middle of the last century when computers were so new and all.  He would really enjoy seeing that after working recently with several math and science students from Simon Fraser who taught him a great deal about generating computer driven algorithms to use as the basis for some of his own upcoming art pieces. 

It has been a good day here.  Last night, after a +33C day it didn't cool down much overnight so even though today's high has only been about +28C, the suite was much hotter by mid morning than usual.  My washing 2 loads of clothes that had to be dried in the dryer and also running the dishwasher didn't help things at all of course, but my husband finally brought our floor fan up from the basement.  If we set it in the hallway upstairs and angle it "just so", we can not only cool the upstairs substantially, but the air flow gets going from downstairs and the whole suite stays cool enough to be bearable even in the hottest part of the afternoon.  How thankful I am for my cooling cotton tent dress.  It looks like a remnant of the 1960's Mod Era, but is worth every penny I paid for it.  What a lifesaver for walking outside in a heat wave.  (Yes, we are "officially" having a heat wave apparently!")

We ran some pharmacy errands this morning. Guess we could have walked the 10 block round trip, but there are no trees to walk under anywhere along the route, so we wimped out and drove.  After we talked to our son I whipped over to the grocery store a couple of blocks away for a few things and so got at least a short walk in today.  I will use my little weights again after dinner tonight and get a bit more exercise that way.  I am trying to do long walks 5 days a week and then give my joints and muscles a rest for a couple of days in a row.  It is best for my hip and ankle to do it that way.

Guess I should go and figure out how to make a couple of small pork chops tasty enough to want to eat dinner tonight.  We have lots of veggies and some baby potatoes, but I find it difficult to get motivated to cook when it is this warm day after day.  For lunch we ate whole grain bread with cheese and olives and cucumbers and hummus and bean/quinoa salad.  Cold meals we are pretty good at preparing these days, but the hot ones...hmmmm....not so much.

Okay, better get with it!  Time to quit stalling on the cooking!

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