Thursday, July 27, 2017

Talk About Improvements

I just spoke to my parents on the phone.  It was a short conversation because they had just called a taxi to take them shopping at the nearest London Drugs, which happens to be near a favourite restaurant where Mom can get an all day breakfast and Dad can get his pancakes. Happy lunch out, Mom and Dad!  Listening to them chatter about what they have been up to this week reminds me so much of God's graces that often come in the midst of less than wonderful circumstances.

My father, who spent over a year sleeping at least 18 out of 24 hours every day of the week, has been so much improved since going through the hell of morphine withdrawal that he is having a much more wonderful life, subsequently so is my mother.  Yesterday they went with some of the other seniors and the activities coordinator over to the park on the far side of their building.  There is a nice covered place to sit there, out of the sun and wind.  The coordinator brought a big carton of drinks so that they could slake their thirst out there in the park as they all played a seniors' version of bocce ball.  BOCCE BALL!  MY 90 YEAR OLD PARENTS WERE PLAYING BOCCE BALL!!  They had a blast.  Mom won 3 games and Dad won 2 games.  hahahaha Isn't that delightful???!!??  I am very happy.  Yesterday afternoon they both went to bingo and made a tidy profit! Dad is finally winning his battle with depression, Mom feels a new lease on life, this is thrilling to say the least. A better day is dawning, at least for the present time. Thank you Lord!  These are the mercies that keep the lid on my own fears about growing older and more incapacitated.  

I have had a productive morning.  I dropped my husband off at work since he was running late this morning, then I headed to the pharmacy, picked up my osteoporosis injection and went next door to the walk-in clinic to have one of the doctors administer it. There...good for another 6 months!  There were no hassles this time with direct billing at the pharmacy. There was no line up or long wait to see the doctor on call.  After that I made it to 3 different banks to make some financial arrangements for the coming month, then got the car filled with gasoline and did a large grocery shopping excursion.  I walked back into the suite at 10:25am, where I got the groceries put away and am now preparing to make my lunch.  All I have to do later this afternoon is prepare a salad for tonight's picnic and other than that I can just relax a bit if I can't think of anything else to do.  In the past hour I swept the last few days' worth of cobwebs off the back decking and around the windows, delivered a bag of used clothing to the Diabetes Association bin and had a good phone chat with an out of province friend.  Other than cooking up some lunch I am officially out of things that must be done today.....although, it is time to clean the basement stairs again...that is what I will do this afternoon.  It is nice and cool in the basement and the heat is starting to build upstairs despite my best efforts earlier this morning with windows and blinds.  Every day that I can be this busy I thank God for having a period of time where I am not recovering from broken bones, or respiratory problems and my heart murmur is not bothering me. These are golden times that I cherish for however long they last!

O happy day!

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