Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Temporary Relief From the Heat!

What a joy today to only reach a high temperature of +22C! I got up at 6:30am and made an oven roasted stew, put on the dishwasher and had all the heat generating appliances turned off again by 10:30am.

I opened all the windows wide to let the chilly breeze cool the suite while I spent the rest of the day tearing the upstairs rooms apart and subjecting them to a desperately needed deep cleaning. Tomorrow morning, the start of another cooler day, I will do the same on the main level. What a good feeling to be cooking and cleaning again after my wonderful holiday break. Going with my husband for the afternoon, listening to him teach, will be a reward for my hard work.

Thank you God for this blessing of two cooler days and the ability to spend them catching up on overdue tasks that would have been tough slugging in warmer conditions. On Thursday we re-enter the heat wave for awhile. I will be taking my walks first thing in the mornings, prior to the afternoon heat, so I get in the habit of maintaining daily exercise. I can become very lazy very quickly if I give in to immobility.

Wow! I may even need to sleep under the sheet tonight to stay warm. Maybe I will even need the quilt. A cool day followed by an even cooler night....perfect!

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