Saturday, July 15, 2017

Thank You Teensy "Helicopters"!

The plethora of dragon flies here this summer has resulted in a wonderful control of the mosquito population!  To date I have only received three or four mosquito bites despite being outside walking so much of the time.  Going for a walk means being accompanied along most of any route by two or three dragon flies of various sizes.  It is like having body guards hovering about everywhere I go.  

When I was a kid we only ever saw real dragon flies, of the most giant variety, on trips into the mountains.  We never saw them in the city and I was properly terrified of them, to the point of tears, every time Dad got the idea to take Mom and I on short mountain hikes in around Revelstoke and Golden BC on our annual summer holidays. O how I dreaded being followed by huge insects that, to a frightened 5 year old, did indeed seem giant sized and helicopter-like. 

Now I have all manner of appreciation for them and the mosquito diets! Dragon flies, you are my friends!!

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