Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Daily Whirlwind of Joy and Confusion and Sorrow

On the joyful side:  have so enjoyed tearing the suite apart and giving it a good cleaning.  Seeing something so lint and dust covered become clean and shiny again truly gives me joy. Bills are paid, including the final vacation tab...yay..., groceries fill the fridge and freezer and cupboards so we will be eating well for the rest of this month, my quarterly sales tax rebate arrived in the bank, my husband is enjoying being back in the thick of things at work and in ministry, our son started working in New York this week, my parents are feeling pretty well despite the heat in their city, our relative who had cancer has completed treatments and is now recovering from the exhaustion, I attended the first transition team meeting for my church and find myself the be chair of a committee of folk who seem to understand and respect each other, we have social plans made with several friends during the rest of this month and into the next.

On the confusing side:  my poor husband discovered yesterday that the course he has been designing to teach this fall in our diocesan school is going to have to be completely revamped for the sake of the present group of students.  They are keeners all, but it became obvious by their questions and comments that he is going to have to radically simplify his approach to the subject matter.  He is a tad frustated.  However, despite this not being a class that will be filled with more ore less academic peers, he is still looking forward to the challenge of making the information more platable for this group, a group who truly want to learn but don't have the background he thought they had in academics.  So glad he gave this pre-course "teaser" as they found out a few things, and so did he! haha

I find myself now well entrenched on a church committee and am wondering how it happened!!  It is a long and convoluted story of how I ended up here, some of which I have blogged about previously, but not the entire story.  I am grateful the Lord led me out of that church for a few months to regroup, detach my emotions from the situation so that I can handle being on this committee better and be more effective, hopefully, but it is going to feel a tad odd to suddenly show up again after a long absence and be in a type of leadership role.  Interesting....I am going to have to work hard to establish my credibility again with the congregation if I am going to have any sort of effective ministry to either the congregation or the priest.  Yeah.....interesting is the word. Lord, what on earth are you doing NOW? hahaha

On the sorrowful side:  my husband's dearest and most favourite uncle passed away last evening at a relatively young age, the result of a quick onset, brutal form of Parkinsons's disease.  While there is joy in knowing he is no longer suffering and that his prayer to be released has at last been answered, there is great sorrow for his wife and for my husband and sister-in-law.  Uncle Jim was known to them as "our Jimmy".  He always had time for them when they were little kids, he had a wicked sense of humour and he led a most interesting life. 

So that is life this week in a "nutshell".  Who knows what will happen next and what category the rest of this week's events will fall into!

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