Monday, July 10, 2017

The Heat Wave of 2017

O my goodness, it is warm here, there and nearly everywhere in Canada! I talked to my parents last night and Dad is so miserably hot he is downright owly! The poor man.

Nothing was right last night. The one laundry room has been closed for four days, "FOUR DAYS I tell you, and so laundry has to be done in the next hallway over, of all the nerve!" (The other laundry room is about 30 steps farther from the one he and mom usually use.) They had to wait a whole hour to wash the towels on Friday, "of all the rotten luck!"  My attempts to convince mom that bath towels can be used more than once has fallen on deaf ears and so they continue to wash towels twice a week, along with one tiny load of whites and one of darks that could wait an extra week as well in order to have loads of a size worth taking on this kind of stress for. Sigh....why do the elderly get so twisted up in knots over these things? It must be that as the world of every day living gets smaller the issues over small details get bigger. I bet I will be the same way not many years hence. Aiii yiii...

Last night's dinner was "green beans, hard like rocks I tell you...I wouldn't eat them...and was horrible and I wouldn't eat it, I tell you...who serves inedible neat loaf for Sunday night dinner??"

After dinner Dad went outside to sit in the cooler air where a slight breeze made life temporarily more bearable. However, did he sit with the other many tenants to visit and feel less alone in his misery? Nope. He dragged his walker out into an open space, around the corner of the building, on a patch of uneven ground, in the direct late afternoon sun. "I didn't want to sit with all those old people, I tell you, all they do is complain!"

Go this time Mom had given up attempting to have a reasonable discussion with him about " this third rate accommodation we find ourselves in!" and taken herself back to their suite.

O Lord, please deliver all these unhappy seniors from the heat!

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chris e. said...

Well, better they should complain about the food than each other!
It's tiresome though, isn't it? The mother-in-law (institutionalized with dementia as you know) is still complaining about the food at her last accommodation, as well as this one, although other family members say the nuns provide lots of good quality fare.
And no one to socialize with either. Will she go to the common room and work on a puzzle? No. Will she allow a staff member to take her to help break the ice? No.
So all we can think is that on some level it's working for her. And actually it's in keeping with her pre-dementia personality; she always did like to complain.
Reasoning doesn't work, so we just make sympathetic noises and after about 45 minutes she winds down then hangs up. Not how we'd like things to be, but it's certainly a lot less turbulent than things have been in the past, so maybe it's not so bad after all, at least for us.
I am wondering who else reading your post has elderly rellies at this stage and how they are dealing with them.