Friday, July 21, 2017

The Non-Liquidation Priced Liquidation Sale

I had a great walk today up to Cornwall Centre, doing errands along the way and enjoying the cooler, more overcast day.  I enjoyed my salad very much for lunch, so reasonably priced, so delicious, the chicken is always cooked perfectly at Zam's, not too salty...yeah....I love it!

I wandered the mall afterward, enjoying the Bay in particular as there were so few customers despite the excellent sales there this week.  I guess everyone was jammed into Sears trying to find amazing bargains, of which there are very few just yet.  The prices have not changed as everything was all ready 20-50% off before liquidation was even announced.  All that has changed is the amount of signage announcing the lower pricing.  I did stumble though into a wonderful buy for myself: underwear in my very odd size on clearance.  It is nearly impossible to find that exact size and even on the clearance table there wasn't a lot of product, so I just grabbed all of it. ALL. OF. IT!  If I die in 10 years or less it is quite likely I will be able to be buried in brand new, never before worn, undies!  hahahaha  What a serendipity pour moi!  By the time the actual liquidation prices take effect in the Cornwall Sears there will probably be little left of interest to anyone.

It was quite a bit warmer on the way home this afternoon so I took my sweet time, ambling along gazing at the traffic and into the stores along the route, cutting across lawns and boulevards throughout our complex, avoiding getting sprayed en route to the front door of my own suite. 

So, all morning on the phone with long distance calls before I left and another long distance call just as I got home. And now it is time for a rest! 

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