Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What is Wrong With The Drivers In Regina???????? How Many Brain Dead Drivers Can There Be In a City This Tiny?????

Forgive me...I MUST relieve some stress this morning in regard to the drivers in this city.  I find too many of their habits completely unbelievable and equally frightening.  Must vent!!

Just now, as I was preparing the bedroom window dressings for our very hot day, I heard a car out on the street honking its horn madly.  I looked out and saw the driver, on the inside lane across the median, stopped for a goose that seemed to be rather disoriented and confused as it attempted to cross Broad Street in heavy traffic.  I was so grateful that driver stopped to let it start across the main lanes of traffic, BUT a driver in the outside lane, who had to clearly see that there was a car stopped right in the middle of the street, not only didn't stop, he didn't even slow down!! Fortunately he missed the goose as it had all ready cleared his lane, but only just barely.  The goose managed to make its way to the centre median, but was obviously panicked, so it just stepped off into the traffic flow running the other direction.  The first car that had stopped in the opposite lane of traffic continued to sit there and the driver kept honking the horn to let others know there was a situation. The fellow in the outside lane where the goose was starting across the road, stopped immediately before the goose had time to reach his lane, but the driver in the inside lane, closest to the goose, DID NOT SLOW DOWN.  He just kept driving despite the car beside him being stopped with its flashers on and the car opposite honking the horn.  Somehow the goose managed to step back up onto the median just as the car tore past it full speed ahead, but the car did catch one of the wing feathers and bent it.  The car continued on, the driver either oblivious to what he had done, or simply not caring he had nearly either killed a huge bird or potentially caused a fatal car accident with the other drivers.  The goose managed to limp the rest of the way across the road, dragging its broken wing feather and took refuge under some trees on the corner of our complex.  I wonder if it had all ready had some kind of run in earlier that left it so confused in the first place.

Passing other cars that are stopped at marked intersections, as legally they are supposed to for pedestrians crossing, is what nearly wiped me out here a couple of months ago.  I cannot figure out why no one ever seems to get caught here when following such unsafe driving practises.  Double lane turns, refusing to stop for pedestrians even with the other cars have all ready stopped, refusing to signal lane changes, not getting out of the way of speeding, light flashing emergency vehicles, speeding through road construction is like being on another planet or in another era or something here.  I am starting to give the Lord special thanks after arriving home safely from any drive through Regina.  Even at that, our "new" vehicle got rammed by another driver's door a few weeks ago and is sporting an obvious dent in the rear passenger door.  Someone being careless of their own car doors in a parking lot I expect......grrrrrrr.....

So, I have finally stopped shaking and my head is clearing.  What a mess I nearly witnessed right outside my own suite.  Aaaaargh!

There....I feel better now....thank you for "listening".

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