Friday, July 7, 2017

Wheeze, Pant, Gasp.......

No one can accuse me of being short on exercise today!  I didn't track my mileage, but I covered a lot of ground!

I walked up to PhoMilu on Victoria Avenue this morning to meet with the women who work in my husband's office.  We were meeting over lunch to plan which plays we wish to see together next season at The Globe Theatre.  It took me a good half hour to get there, but then, I am not moving all that quickly on these heat wave days.  

Our meeting took about five minutes as we were pretty much in agreement as to which plays we are most interested in seeing.  The rest of the time we thoroughly enjoyed our Vietnamese meals!  The noodle bowls and lemongrass chicken dishes the other gals ordered looked extraordinary and apparently tasted just as amazing as the presentation suggested.  Every meal was a huge portion and these were the small size versions!  I ordered the chicken and cabbage salad and it was fantastic!!  There was a lot of well cooked chicken mixed into a delightful mix of finely shredded strips of cabbage and carrot, a small number of hair thin rice noodles and red cabbage, all in a very sweet, rice vinegar dressing.   For dessert the 6 of us shared a special tofu dessert:  in a large bowl was a block of soft tofu, covered in a thin layer of cream, nestled into a sweet, watery liquid filled with basil seeds in yam paste, bits of shredded ginger and tapioca pearls.  I have never had anything like it for flavor.  It is indesribably good.  The layers of flavour hidden in the varied textures made each mouthful different than the last.  A pox on $10 slices of cheese cake for dessert after a meal.  This incredible tofu treat cost a mere $5.50!  My salad was only $9!!  Great food, great visiting and great plans for future entertainment: "Bitter Girl", a musical comedy; Around the World in 80 Days" and "Shrek, the Musical".  There wasn't a lot of choice this year for our group and the run of each play is much shorter than in previous years, so we are opting to pay a bit more for the wider "comfy" seats with no row in front of us, rather than eating our kneecaps in general seating like we have in previous years.

After lunch I decided to walk downtown to deposit a cheque.  The distance is only a bit longer than the distance from my house to PhoMilu. After walking another half hour or more to the bank, I realized I was going to miss catching a waiting the bus home, so filled another half hour by walking around and around Cornwall Centre.  I decided it was now far too hot outside to walk another 40 minutes home, so copped out and bused it at that point.  BUT I really got in some great walking and on some streets I haven't walked on before.  There were plenty of shade trees along the route between the restaurant and the bank.  Not sure I would have managed that part of the walk without them.  My husband tracked my route and figures I walked over 7km today.   While that doesn't seem like a particularly long walk, particularly when it was broken up with lunch in between, for me it was a pretty fair test of how well I am going to survive the rest of this heat wave without being stuck indoors until it is over.  

My ankle has been giving me some trouble over the past couple of weeks, so wanted to push it a bit today and see how it performed.  It was okay today and only hurt a little bit coming down the stairs at home just after arrival.  I am wondering, after some poking and prodding and careful observation, if the pin that runs through the bottom of my protruding ankle bone is starting to work its way out.  It has only been 5 years and that shouldn't happen for at least 10.  Perhaps it is my imagination that makes me think that it appears like the pin head is starting to stick out  a mite farther than usual lately.  Well, I will just keep an eye on it.  My hip has given me no trouble whatsoever this spring and summer on my walks.  YAY!!

The Sears closure in Cornwall Centre is well underway.  All the clothing for men, women and children has been crammed onto garment racks and it is free for all trying to see what is being sold and what the clearance prices are.  All the mannequins have been stripped down and are standing naked in rows beside the entrance door.  The make up and fragrance display cabinets are empty.  The shoes are jammed onto a couple of short racks, the remainder of the purses are shoved into a small bin. There wasn't a staff member in sight, other than one beleaguered person running a cash register.  I was surprised by how few people were in there seeking bargains.  Actually the whole mall seemed a bit deserted.  Losing Sears can only hurt the mall and I hope they have some plans to bring in more lower end shoppers again once Sears is gone.  Not everyone can afford to shop at The Bay there and many of The Bay shoppers wouldn't be caught dead eating at the food court.  No more very sad for the lower middle class and those less well off who for many decades appreciated the decent quality products for less than what their counterparts were charging.

When my husband arrived home from work I gave him a vivid description of our lunch time meals, so guess what we did for dinner tonight? Yup...back to PhaMilu!  My husband had a hankering for something new and different to eat and the prices are certainly right.  He so enjoyed his lemon grass chicken with rice and a huge side of fresh cold veggies.  We had a pork steamed bun for an appetizer and I forced him to try the special tofu dessert even though he claimed to be too full....that is until he tried the dessert, teehee....NO problem to convince him to eat more than half of it!

For some reason, perhaps because I was out walking all day and wasn't able to open and close windows and blinds at the right times, our suite is desperately hot tonight.  Mind you, it isn't cooling down outside much at this point, even though it is nearly 11pm.  We have to get up at 6:15am so that friends can pick us up at 7am to go out to Mortlach for the saskatoon berry festival.  Buttermilk pancakes for breakfast there at 8am will start our day.  I am taking my own more diabetic friendly meal!  I am rather relieved that our friends only want to spend the morning and leave after the 11am parade.  Pancake breakfasts, outdoor country bands, rural business promotion booths, tractors on parade and left over berries from last season are just not my thing.  BUT for the sake of seeing our friends and having some different kinds of fun and laughter, I will cheerfully go along for the ride. Sure hope I can get to sleep soon, despite the heat, the seemingly extra large number of muffler-less, over revved vehicles racing by the bedroom windows and the company talking way too loudly out on our neighbours' deck.

Time to give sleep a chance to catch up with me!

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