Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why Is It So Hard To Sleep When You Know You Have To Get Up Earlier Than Usual?

So, here it is, 2:15am and I am wide awake...WIDE AWAKE....sitting here posting another inane blog entry because there is nothing else to do at this time of the morning when I am trying to be quiet enough not to wake my husband and reading doesn't appeal to me.

I am awake because in the back of my mind I can't shake off that niggling bit of stress that accompanies the knowledge I have to wake up a half hour earlier than I usually wake up.  Only a half biggie...5:45am instead of 6:15am, so I can drive my husband to the office for 6:20am.  I, who rarely ever has to bother setting an alarm for morning wakeup as the joy of diabetes is having my body wake me up at about the same time every single day so it can be fed like an animal in the zoo, cannot sleep even with the alarm set to ring on time just because I know if we accidentally manage to sleep in and miss the time deadline my husband will be making a muck of today for his Bishop, not just for himself.  The fact that the chance of doing any such thing is slim to none is not helping me relax enough to sleep.  hahaha Why o why does this happen so consistently when we have to get up a wee bit earlier than usual to meet important deadlines?  

I have to help my husband load up his overnight gear and snacks and get him to the office early so he and the Bishop can leave for a 3 day jaunt away.  My husband is going to be driving the pace car for the first 3 days of the Bishop's cycling journey across the northern half of our diocese.  Last summer he cycled across the southern portion and since the diocese runs border to border across Saskatchewan, Alberta to Manitoba, and extends rather far to the north central portion of the province he wasn't able to do it all last summer.  The Bishop visits each parish along the route and performs Eucharist for the congregations, shares a meal and a visit and then goes on his way to the next place.  This summer's jaunt begins in Rosetown and over the next 3 days will also include Kerrobert, Kindersley, Eston, and Beechy. The idea is to encourage each parish, allow some of the local cyclists to join him for as much of the trip as they would like and promote a spirit of unity among the parishes and the diocese head office.  The guys are taking their camping gear for the overnights so the Bishop can test out his new tent and sleeping bag during this 10 day excursion in preparation for a cross Canada ride he is doing next summer.  My husband will drive the pace car for the first 3 days, then another member of the office staff will take over driving and my husband will come home Saturday evening.  He is very excited about this because he will be out of the office, camping, and away physically from many of the job stresses that are building in the planning and execution of this fall's provincial synod.  He will have time to sit in the car with his lap top and answer emails at various points along the route so will not feel behind on his office duties.  I am glad for him.

I am also happy for myself that a friend from out of town is coming to visit me this afternoon.  That sets a good precedent for the rest of my time alone here.  I have an errand to run this morning, tomorrow I will do some housework and Saturday I am going to go to the farmers' market downtown just for the fun of it.  I am going to treat myself to lunch out one of those days and I have come up with 2 other people to call to see if they are available to come over for tea.  

I am wondering if I am brave enough these days to take myself on a bit of a road trip later in August when my husband has back to back diocesan camping events.  I have a cousin and an auntie who live only about 5 hours from here and who I rarely get to see.  Possibly I will get brave enough to seriously consider going to visit if they are around at that time.  Saskatoon is half way to my destination. I could drive there for lunch and then go on to their place from there.  Maybe I will call my cousin today or tomorrow and see if something can be arranged around her schedule.  I feel a rather desperate need to get away somewhere that does not include a visit with my parents for once.  Usually when my husband is away for more than a few days at a time I end up stuck at home, often with few people around to visit as everyone seems to go away at the same time around here, but this time I would so much like to go somewhere too.  It is developing into a personal need this year. I should be able to handle 5 or so hours on the road with a break half way without falling asleep behind the wheel, as is my wont on road trips.  Yes, as I am talking it over with myself here I am getting more jazzed about the possibility.  Yes.....maybe this could work.....

Had an email conversation with our son last night.  He has discovered the joy of the New York City die for apparently. hahaha  His boss and kids took him to dinner last night, then they played some of the new video games that incorporate technologies never used in the games my son grew up with.  He is fascinated by them and had a lot of fun.  He is going to miss working for this fellow when the project ends later this summer.  Now, if his social security number will just be sent to him soon so he can start getting paid, that would be just swell!

Last evening we had a bit of a date.  We were both SO tired and grumpy by the time my husband got home from work that we couldn't face the same old same old around here.  We went to Sakura Sushi, on Scarth where the old Michi Sushi used to be.  It was a delicious little meal starting with delicious salads, plain for me and a sashimi tuna/avocado arrangement for my husband.  Then he had an entree of beef udon and I had a very tasty okonomiyaki...a Japanese fish pancake that looks like a dog's breakfast but tastes absolutely fantastic.  I haven't had one since the last one I ate in Nagoya as I haven't been to any Japanese restaurants in Canada that have them on the menu.  What a treat!  We shared a slice of yuzu flavoured cheesecake for dessert and that was a treat as well.  It really did taste like those tiny aromatic oranges.  Yum!  We deliberately parked the car far from the venue so we would have a bit of a walk after dinner. By the time we got home we were both feeling better and ready to get gear and snacks put together for my husband's pace car trek.

Well, finally, an hour later, I am getting sleepy enough to try lying down again.  YES! Here's to another couple of hours of sleep! It has been cooler the past two days, so the night times have been most pleasant for resting.  However we have another two days of +30C now.  Still no rain forecast over the next couple of weeks.  We are having a drought at this point and the crops are not thriving. Grasses in the city are turning brown and the tree leaves are turning yellow from the stress of no water.  

Okay woman, go back to bed....go, go, go.....sleep while you can!

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