Monday, July 17, 2017

With the Dulcet Tones of Leaking Hoses Lulling Me Into Oblivion.....

....I am heading off to bed after a very good day indeed!

The grounds crew here left work at 5pm with all the sprinklers in front of our building still running.  Water is pooling in the grass now that the hoses have been spewing it everywhere for the past 14 straight hours.  There is water flowing down the street in both directions, so every passing car is getting a drenching.  Hopefully as it pools it will NOT pool directly in front of some of the main cracks in our basement!  

The odor of the forest fire smoke dissipated about mid morning, returned briefly just after dinner and is now not the least bit noticeable. So, my asthma settled down quickly after that first exposure when I woke up this morning.  I was able to cruise around the city running errands and posting parcels before lunch with nary a gasp nor croak. What a huge blessing.

My husband accomplished a lot with his job today and in between those tasks took part of his day off to relax and watch boxing with me.  We went out for a most delicious dinner with some friends over at Wild Sage.  My 6oz. steak was perfectly medium rare and there wasn't any tough gristle anywhere on it.  O my, I wish I could cook a steak that well.  Our friends are a lot of fun to visit with and we spent a lot of time amusing each other with tales of crazy things our sons have done in their lives. haha

Since I had some dessert tonight, we decided to walk home from the restaurant.  With the temperature and wind conditions being perfect for me to go walking, we were home in less than half an hour.  I was able to pick up the pace this evening without worrying about heat exhaustion.  It was good for both of us.  My husband is supposed to be training for his canoe trip later in August but has been so involved with work he is far behind on the process.  

Yup, it has been a good day.  The office work my husband has done on both his days off this week are translating into another day off owed to him to add into the days he has all ready accumulated.  O how I am looking forward to those consecutive, if he can just be careful to remember when those days are going to be and get them marked on his calendar before that time gets filled up with work committments, we will both be very happy!

My husband is schedule to do a baptism in one of our former parishes in mid-August.  That is going to be a  LOT of fun!  I am looking forward to seeing those folk again and the little gal being baptized is such a sweetie.  She has been born into one wonderful family, that is for sure.  This is the kind of good news I love getting from church.

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