Saturday, July 8, 2017

Yee Haw....and a Nice Warm Shower Too!

It has been a lovely day today!  Now it is time for blogging and a rest before dinner.

We left for the saskatoon berry festival at about 7:30am.  Our friends are both morning people and surely kept the conversation going with groggy old us for the hour it took to drive to Mortlach.

I ate my breakfast in the car along the way but for six dollars a person the other three were given huge stacks of buttermilk pancakes and three long, wild meat sausages, a container of saskatoon berries and another container of saskatoon berry syrup.  I was delighted for my husband to have such tasty, low fat, low salt wild meat sausages instead of the usual tiny, greasy, salty, fatty ones from the area discount grocery stores.  MMMMM YUM!  I did have a couple of bites of sausage and a handful of saskatoons.  Both were tasty!

As we ate and visited, one of the worship bands from the Free Methodist church in Moose Jaw performed some country songs and some olde tymie music like "Alexander's Ragtime Band" and others from that era.  We sang along, good sports that we are, and had lots of giggles and hand clapping going on between bites of food.  hahaha

Then we wandered along the main street looking at the plethora of sales booths featuring some rather more unique craft items along with the usual jewellery, clothing and knit dishcloths that a person sees everywhere.  There were some very well done childrens' stories and colouring books by a local author and artist, some beautiful wrought iron works, walking sticks and even a personal garage sale going on by someone with the smarts to pick this Saturday to sell off their leftovers. hahahahaha All the restaurants were open....3 of them in a town the size of my big toe....and a street vendor from Regina selling the most amazing Mexican food.  Had we stayed long enough for lunch we would definitely have eaten there.  We did stop in to one of the restaurants for a glass of saskatoon berry sangria.  I do not care for sangria to be honest, but this was tart and tasty and had enough cut fruit and berries in it to be a mid morning snack for me. The local museum was filled to the brim with the most interesting artifacts from the late 1800's when the town was being settled.  We chuckled at the hand written notes of interest beside many of the displays....the notes on foolscap paper were nearly as antique as the items they were describing.

The parade was so cute: basically it consisted of the police cars and volunteer fire department trucks, some kids riding decorated bikes, the biggest tractor I have ever seen in my life and antique and other cars still shiny and glowing from a recent Show and Shine event in Moose Jaw.  A couple of little girls riding their horses and a trailer being pulled by two giant percheron horses rounded out the parade and in fifteen minutes it was all over.  hahaha  What fun!

Driving home after the parade we all commented that it was good for us to get out on a weekend for a change and check out the events in the smaller towns and rural municipalities so we had more to relate to with our more rural parishioners and aquaintances. 

When we returned to Regina we went over to our friends' house for lunch.  We had quinoa salad with raisins, almonds and orange sections, a delicious bean salad with onions, avocado and cilantro, whole grain bread, chicken and cheese.  There were some thai noodles and strips of beef as well that my husband particularly enjoyed, along with some strong and flavourful tea from Leeds in England.  

After lunch we walked home through Wascana Park.  Despite the heat, we survived the day well due to a thick cloud cover that came and went between bursts of hot sun, the occasional light sprinkling of rain drops and overhanging tree branches thick with green leaves.

I came home and enjoyed a hot shower, some British rose soap and shampoo and a thick 'n' thirsty towel to dry myself off with.  I was all ready grateful the time at the berry festival proved to be much more fun that any of us anticipated, but my sense of gratitude for being in a country where things like hot showers, specialty soaps and thick terry towels are pretty much a given for most employed people, overwhelmed me and I almost added tears into the streams of shower water running down my face.  

Is there a better feeling in the world, than being well fed, well cleaned up and ready for a little nap on a hot day?  AAAND there is a boxing match on tv tonight on HBO!

I am beyond blessed! 

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