Monday, August 7, 2017

A Blah Day But a Good Day

My husband has been suffering for the past two days with a food sensitivity reaction that has left him feeling drained and completely lacking in all energy or motivation.  So, our two days off (more or less anyway) have certainly not turned out as we had planned and hoped.  However, we decided that other than a short walk to the post office this morning before the temperature outside got too warm, we would just chill, do very little and let my husband heal from this nasty food reaction, rather than pushing himself to do more than he feels up to.  One more thing he can't ingest any more.  The poor guy!!

I am glad we did.  We had a LONG visit about the state of our slowly dissolving church denomination, about his job, about my short term position at my church, about our son, about our other family members, about retirement and about the weather!  It was a good time of connecting about a few issues we have both been brooding about separately for the past few weeks.  I think we both feel a lot better now that we have been able to share our thoughts, hopes and fears with each other.

After a delicious lunch of my husband's newly made lentil yam soup, topped with a bit of fresh dill, freshly grated parmesan cheese, a small handful of pumpkin seeds and a light sprinkling of Maldon salt, we adjourned the six steps between dining and living room and enjoyed watching a boxing match I recorded the other night between the German world title holder Nikki Adler and the American two time gold medal Olympic winner Claressa Shields.  What a rout for Shields....her fast hands and determination brought about a ref's decision to stop the fight in the 5th round to protect Adler from any more beatings. about punch power combinations!  

My husband spent the rest of the afternoon working on his course for the diocesan theological school while I spent some time playing a video game and washing dishes and tidying up in the kitchen....just in time for it to be all cleaned up as he decided he wanted to cook some more.  haha 'Twas ever thus, right? hahaha  At the moment our suite is filled with the aromatic herbs he used to make a chick pea dish that is loaded with onions and tomatoes.  I snuck a taste and it is GOOD!!  After eating a more or less vegetarian lunch, I am feeling the need for more protein so will scoop some of the latest cooking venture over a hamburger patty.  As loaded in carbs as my luncheon soup was, the lack of protein left me feeling rather hungry by mid afternoon. 

Tomorrow when my husband returns to work I will be able to kick myself back into a higher gear, hopefully.  I have a snack I want to bake in the morning for afternoon company.  If it doesn't turn out I do have a Plan B in mind, haha. Company....YES!!!!  This is a particularly close friend but we have had a long wait to get together for a real old fashioned "chin-wag" as my grannie used to call it, haha. Looking forward to it very much!

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