Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Load or Two or Three Taken Off

What a lovely day it was today.  It was a cooler day outside.  We had some rain at last.  I actually had to shut a couple of windows for the first time in weeks to keep out the chilly air and the moisture.  It was a wonderful change!!!

The visit with my friend was such fun!  She too is not eating much in the way of sugar or other desserts so it was a relief to be able to serve a plate of bread chunks with Moroccan style humus for dipping, some low fat cheese slices and some olives.  It is good to have a friend here who understands and shares my own need to stay away from sweets.  The conversation was "just right"!  We talked about things that are near and dear to both our hearts and it felt good for both of us to be able to share some deeper thoughts and concerns from our lives.  We left each other today with lots of prayer requests for our friends, family and churches.  It was an edifying and encouraging time such as I have been needing for awhile now.

I was relieved of cooking today, due to my husband's efforts over the long weekend.  Plus we still have another day's worth of fresh chick pea curry, basmati rice, pork loin chops and other goodies left over to enjoy. Since I am starting on the procedure for another new crown late tomorrow afternoon I am grateful not to have to return home so close to dinner and have to deal with coming out of the freezing while having to cook something creative and delicious for my husband to eat after work. Whew!!  Thank you dear, dear husband for your efforts in the kitchen.  

Arrangements have been made for financing this dental work and I am so grateful for that.  Thank you to those of you who prayed this could work out well. 

It was so nice to sleep well last night and wake up refreshed this morning due to the knowledge that our son has been able to find more work, a better place to live, a studio to rent so he can start painting again and a tenant for his place in Vancouver.  Now we pray that bank account can be opened QUICKLY!

It was also a good feeling to see my husband heading off to work this morning feeling better for having spent the better part of 2 days in a row just resting and doing some recreational cooking.  I think if he can soon have another 2 days like that he will be in good shape to get through the rest of the summer.  It won't happen this weekend or the next, but a good break time is coming for him when he can take a few of the days off he is owed and go on his annual canoe trip.  Two more weeks or so and away he gets to go.  He needs this desperately and I am so grateful it is scheduled in and the other guys are getting geared up and prepared to go with him.

I am relieved my parents have entered this stage of better health and motivation in life for however long or short a period it may last.

Yes, much relief to enjoy today!

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