Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Long Wait For a Short Visit...haha!

Soooooo....I arrived home from the dentist less than a half hour after I arrived!!

The dentist was dealing with an unscheduled emergency, so after taking X-rays and giving me a thorough exam, decided not to attempt the crown prep today due to the time involved. Since I am having no pain we decided to leave the tooth as is until 8am next Tuesday morning when she will have time to make it a priority and do it properly without other distractions. She has an emergency "plug" that can be put in prior to Tuesday should the worst case scenario come about and the big old filling remaining drops out in the next couple of days. She could have quickly drilled it out and filled it, but what an unnecessary expense for me as it still would have to be crowned in the next few months. Since I have five other teeth waiting for crowns, it is only one more added to the list. So, I'm really looking forward to next Tuesday! Yay!!

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