Friday, August 4, 2017

A Lovely Little Drive This Afternoon

We had a very nice drive up to north west of Craven this afternoon to meet with some young friends so my husband could have a short baptism preparation class. He baptized their first two children and this precious little girl is number three.  We will be driving to their home church next weekend to perform the service there.  What fun!

It was a perfect day for a short drive. The temperature was pleasantly warm and the sky was overcast.  I didn't even need my sunglasses on to make the trip.  Although the beginning of a long weekend signalled a sharp increase in city traffic and on the main highways, it was still an easy drive.

The first thing we saw as we drove into our friends' yard was a group of lambs feeding in an area of long grass, protected by a hovering llama nana who was not impressed by the arrival of these two strangers.  The larger, older llama in with the ewes couldn't have cared less about our arrival, turning his back on us and yawning with boredom. hahahahaha  At least that was what it looked like from our perspective. hahahaha  Guinea hens ran about the outside of the chicken barn, heads bobbing and weaving, looking quite hilarious. Apparently they are good for keeping the ticks down, but this bunch have been sticking too close to the barn to be of much use. Hope our friends keep them for sheer cuteness factor!

The older daughter, about age 5, was eager to show me her room and all its contents while my husband conducted the class.  About the time she was running out of things to show me, (and the contents included, after a parade of many toys and books, all her socks, underwear, lint under the bed and a spider living inside her clothes closet), her big brother, about age 10, came in to ask me if I could assist him in constructing a Lego house he was having a problem with.  hahaha  Apparently there would be no need to so much as remove from my purse the book I brought along to read.  I was going to be busy doing other things.  I love this little boy.  He has grown from a tiny, hyperactive, stuttering, lisping wee lad who used to enjoy his time in church by running back and forth and up and down the aisles during services screaming at the top of his lungs, into a tall, calm, focused young pre-teen who didn't really want or need any Lego building assistance as much as he just wanted to talk about life in general.  I don't usually have that kind of connection with pre-teens, so today's conversation with him was very special indeed.  They are, all three, lovely children, perpetually happy and supportive of each other.  The two older kids are very close to each other and they love having a new baby sister.

My husband is exhausted not only from work but from a food ingestion reaction he has been suffering from over the past three days.  We are not sure what exactly the culprit was this time, but getting going in the mornings through the headaches and bone wearying exhaustion has been difficult.  By this evening the episode seemed to be passing and he went to bed early, so if he sleeps in tomorrow and goes to the office later in the morning he should be fine again. No one else is in the office tomorrow and it is closed to the public, so he can work uninterrupted for as many hours as he sees fit. 

Had a chat with my parents on the phone this evening.  They are at it again.  Dad, who hasn't been able to walk 50 feet over the past three or four years or more without having to sit down and rest, then go to bed for the rest of the day, walked with my mom a good 6 blocks yesterday afternoon after a morning spent grocery shopping with her and a hair cut and filling his tummy with iced cream.  Dad has barely been able to handle going to the grocery store with Mom for the past few years. Usually, on the few occasions Dad has tried to go along, they have taken a taxi or ridden with a family friend, mom shopped while Dad sat on a bench and drank a cup of coffee at the little in-store coffee bar, then their friend drove them home again, dad forced himself to eat a bit of lunch and then went to bed for the rest of the day.  Not yesterday!  He went along for the morning shopping trip, came home and ate a good lunch, rode with their friend to the salon, had his hair cut, ate two huge scoops of iced cream afterward at the little sweet shop next to the salon, then walked all that way home with his walker in the +29C heat!  He only sat down twice on his walker seat along the way, then sat for 10 minutes in the little park a block from their place, on a bench under a shady tree, before marching triumphantly back to their suite.  I think my mom is still in shock that he made it!  So am I!  AND we are both delighted for him!  He did pay for it today as far as being extremely tired out, no surprise, but when I called him after dinner this evening he became very animated telling me about his adventure. There are more than a few near-miracles happening for him these days.  I hope Mom is able to rejoice sufficiently with him not to feel a bit resentful that he now accompanies her again to so many places and slows her down considerably.  She has never had much independence and is once again losing what little she had, but I know she is happy for him. It has been several weeks since Dad last sounded depressed on the phone and she is certainly happier now that he is more interested in life again.  I am praising God for these happy events taking place in their lives.

Tomorrow I am going to go to a few different grocery stores to find some specialty items my husband needs that our little neighbourhood grocery doesn't sell.  That will be fun!  It is so easy to get in a rut of going to the same places all the time just because I know the layout of the aisles and sometimes it seems an extravagant waste of time and gasoline to be driving all over the city to get one or two specialty items, no matter how badly either of us may need them.  I am feeling more "with it" as well these days now that the temperatures outside are more comfortable for me.  I am looking forward to rodding around the city tomorrow. Church Sunday should be enjoyable as our own priest is taking her turn to be in charge and do the preaching and I will be making my first announcement as a representative from the transition team, hopefully helping the congregation understand some of the fun events we are going to be participating in starting in September as we explore ways to be more pro-active in ministry.  I think it is going to be a pretty good weekend.

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