Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cool Enough To Be Feeling Human Once Again

I am very grateful that our daytime high today is in the middle to high +20'sC.  This morning I walked downtown and back so I could get a haircut and do some banking and the weather was perfect for walking.  The sky was mostly overcast so I didn't need to burden my face with heavy sunglasses, my purse strap didn't leave a sweaty band across the top of my shoulders, the breeze was present but gentle.  It doesn't get much better than this!  To me this is a perfect summer day.

Getting my hair all thinned and trimmed left me feeling pretty pumped about getting to walk home as well in the same conditions.  I was able to jam a small purchase I made at the Sears liquidation sale into my purse so didn't have anything extra to carry.  As I passed all the other clothing stores in Cornwall Centre it was a good feeling to know there is not one thing I am likely to need for the rest of this summer, for the coming fall and winter and likely even for another year after that!  

We got the somewhat depressing news yesterday that our car insurance, starting today, is going to increase in rate to the tune of a 6% per year provincial sales tax.  We are all ready the only province in Canada that taxes its car insurance and our payments all ready include a 3% tax. So now we are going to be taxed at 9% in total.  O dear Premier Wall, you are raising provincial taxes and taking away tax free purchases, taking away budget from our hospitals and education systems and talking seriously about privatizing certain aspects of our provincial communications, liquor stores and insurance services, ala Premier Ralph Klein in Alberta in the 1990's.  O dear Premier Wall, this is a VERY bad idea!!  You are all ready making some of the same mistakes and people, such as those in the liquor and gaming industries, are losing their jobs all ready.  Privatization will not lower prices for the consumer, I can guarantee it after living through this mind bending fiasco once all ready while living in our neighbouring province to the west.  Please do not do this to us!  Some of the main incentives that may have kept us here in Saskatchewan once my husband is forced to retire are lessening or disappearing all together.  You don't seem to have any idea what is going to happen as a result of some of the privatization possibilities, as well as what you are too quickly implementing all ready. Sigh.....

Other than that somewhat depressing news, life is pretty good, particularly now that it is cooler outside.  We are driving up to the Honda dealership a bit later today to straighten out some hassles with some recall info over work we just had done a month ago.  I think when our new address went into the system at the dealership it arrived at Honda central before the completion of the recall work order did, or something like that.  I am quite certain we don't have to have the new air bags replaced again all ready.  BUT we need to find out for certain.    We have taken a short walk around the area all ready since lunch time so at least we both got some exercise today.

Tomorrow and the day after will be the time to give the suite another good cleaning.  The dust in here is horrendous from sleeping with the windows wide open every night. The winds really move the dust through the place and it sticks all over everything.  I even have to regularly vacuum the shoulders and collars of the blouses and suit jackets hanging on my clothes rack in my bedroom.  If I forget to vaccum my blouses and put them on dusty it takes no more than a half hour before the skin across my shoulders is itching like crazy. I don't know what is in the dust here in this province that I am allergic to, but o my, I have to be so careful to wash the dust off me and off my clothes at every opportunity. It is bizarre.

Well, I have a recorded dance programme to watch so I think I will go and do that before we have to head up to the car dealership.


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