Friday, August 11, 2017

Curtailing Some of My Long Walks

Regina is apparently overrun with wasps at the moment.  Going for walks has become an obstacle course and torture test combined!  Yesterday as I walked to and from the grocery store only 3 blocks away, I fought off 4 different wasps who seemed intent on making their presence known.  One flew into my hair and I was rather upset until it left of its own volition.  I was afraid to try to swat it away in case I got stung.  Since I don't have an epi-pen at the moment, I admit to being completely terrified!  My last walk downtown was plagued by the presence of wasps as well, so I am curtailing some of my outdoor walks for the next couple of weeks.  Even standing on our deck outside yesterday afternoon I was aware of several wasps hovering closer to me than I was comforable with.  I am wondering if they are building a nest under our deck. The stairs and underskirting are made of 2x4 planks with lots of room between the boards for wasps to fly in and out, but with insufficient space for my husband or the maintenance crew to get under there and get rid of any nests.  I need to purchase a new "phony" wasp nest to hang outside the back door.  Our old one is long gone in our last move and it was getting a bit battered anyway.  I think when I am running errands this afternoon I will stop by Lowe's or Rona and pick up a new one.

Our phone rang at 3am...some happy sounding fellow asking for Olive.  I have had middle of the night calls for Olive before, although it has been some time now, all from the same cheery sounding fellow.  I wish I felt as cheery at 3am as he sounded. I don't do well being awakened from a deep sleep by a caller who has misdialed.  My husband was able to get back to sleep right away, but I had some trouble.  A few minutes after the phone call a group of young women walked past our place and were rather loud in their conversation.  That jarred me awake again.  Then a few minutes later a group of men, cheering at the top of their lungs, also wandered past. much for getting back to sleep.  It has always amazed me that, with our windows opening onto a main thoroughfare, we don't have loud voices and screeching tires almost every night of the week, but it is rather rare, surprisingly.  I am spoiled now for when there is a bit of extra noise.  No more sleeping!

I sent an email off to my sister in law, read a chapter in a most fascinating novel titled, "The Beauty of Humanity Movement" by Camilla Gibb. It is set in Vietnam and encompasses the days of Ho Chi Minh and the political revolution that happened many years ago.  I am enjoying it very much.

I tried one more time to fall asleep, but gave it up as a lost cause and got up to iron for a couple of hours.  So, it is going to be a long day! hahaha

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