Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hi-De-Ho, Away We Go!

I am enjoying a slow morning today!  We woke up at our usual time this morning, so my husband was able to jot a few notes down here at home before heading to the office.  On the way he was planning to stop at Burns-Hanley church supplies and pick up a baptismal candle to present to the family of the wee girl being welcomed into the church family Sunday morning.

I have had a most lazy morning finishing up the novel I mentioned in the last post, washing my hair and getting packed for our overnight stay in one of our former parishes.  We had originally planned to stop in Moose Jaw for lunch on our way, but decided that with the rather tight time frame for our travel this afternoon and the lack of knowledge of any new road construction along our route, we would just as happily enjoy the less expensive and more nutritional fare here at home first.  

Being forced to eat at home more often this in every single meal after that tooth broke and for the rest of this month, haha....has certainly reinforced to me how quickly I run out of creative ideas for cooking!!  I would rather iron for an hour than prepare a meal to be totally honest. By the time I am finished preparing and cooking our food I have absolutely no desire to actually consume it.  I have been that way my entire adult life.  My cooking isn't bad, it is just fine according to anyone who has eaten it, but as a project person I suppose it seems that once the cooking is completed I should be done with it! hahaha  You mean I have to EAT IT TOO????  Blaaaaaahhh......... There is a meal for us being planned when we arrive in Eston, as well as breakfast Sunday morning with our billeting hosts, then a pot luck lunch of some kind in Kindersley.  We will be home in time to make dinner here.  What a nice inexpensive weekend of treats for us!  AND LOTS of visiting!

I had my wardrobe for the weekend all planned out yesterday morning, but today I have completely changed my mind.  One look at the forecast tempartures and the wardrobe has been reduced to loose cotton capris and sleeveless summer tops with some very light jewellery.  The next two days will be hovering at around +30C so I am grateful for how much time we will be spending in our nicely air conditioned vehicle~we also decided to stick to the main highways this time instead of dipsy doodling along on the backroads.  YAY!!  My husband was just on all those slow backroads a couple of weeks ago when he was the pace car driver for our Bishop on his bicycle ride through the northern half of our diocese.   

Well, I think I will go now and telephone my parents before we take off for the weekend.  Mom had an x-ray of her very painful wrist...hmmm....only a couple of days ago now I guess.  It is likely severe arthritis causing the pain and swelling, but her wonderful doctor runs all manner of tests to be certain of any diagnosis.  Finally, a doctor for my parents that doesn't treat them like their health issues no longer matter because of their advanced old age.  I really like this fellow.

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