Monday, August 21, 2017

Now THAT'S a Good Day Off!

My husband and I truly enjoyed our day together. Wisely, he shut off his phone and so we managed to have a whole day uninterrupted by demands from work. Yay!!!!!!!!

We had a decent sleep in this morning and a leisurely breakfast. Then we spent nearly six hours driving around the city purchasing groceries and last minute "bits" of canoe trip gear. We had a blast! It was a successful day of purchasing, but also one of laughter. UNINTERRUPTED purchasing and laughter! Yay!!!!!!

When we finally wore ourselves completely out, we came home for a light dinner and a couple of hours of watching a favourite tv programme and some newscasts.

Such simple amusements that we have had too few of together! It was a great day! Yay!!!!!!

We came home to some photos our son emailed us from the vineyard in the Hamptons where he has spent the past several days. It is beautiful with green lawns and huge trees surrounding the rows of grape vines. He got to go fishing in a kayak with his boss, first time ever to fish, and caught quite a few porgys that they were cooking up for tonight's dinner. Yes, we received photos of those as well, haha. Yup, always exciting to look at a plate of dead fish! And yes son, we are proud of your efforts, haha! Hope they tasted a LOT better than they look on that plate. hahahaha

The end of our happy day was marred somewhat by what we recognize is one of the causes of our recent "disturbance in the force".  We received the results of our relative's recent CT scan, post cancer treatments. We had some questions about the scan because we were fairly certain it was not an effective tool for seeking out this type of cancer. Sure enough, it turned out the scan was actually used to check the status of some spots on the lungs that were detected last January. Our relative was not told about the existence of these spots until this scan was scheduled in July, so you can imagine the shock. What these spots are exactly is unknown, but not obviously some other form of cancer, so that is great news. Since the follow up appointment with the specialist is not until the end of November we take that as a good sign as well. If the spots on my parents' lungs are any indication of other possibilities for our relative, the spots could be, like my dad's, a result of asbestos exposure earlier in life. Or, as in my mother's case, they could be small calcium deposits. Both conditions require regular monitoring, but are not life threatening. We are praying for our relative that these spots are insignificant and can be diagnosed as such! Thank you so much for your continued prayers.

I have to get up early in the morning to go to the dentist for my permanent crown. So grateful I had no problems with the temporary crown and have been able to chew properly. Yay!!!!!!

And so, to bed!

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