Wednesday, August 9, 2017

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Boo Boo's!

Tonight I had the most wonderful visit so far this month....with the 9 month old cutie girl who lives next door!!  I have only seen her once since she was born as she is rarely out and about it seems, but tonight we had the sweetest visit out on the front step.  Her mom and dad are so thrilled with her and you can see in her cheery disposition that she knows full well she is loved.  She had my number in less than 30 seconds, dropping her little cloth book on the ground and giggling with delight at me when I stooped over to pick it up so we could play the game again. hahahaha  Kids so LOVE that game at her age.  It is lovely to see two young parents so truly happy to have a family.  Her mom has quit working so that she can stay home full time and my husband and I can relate to that sacrifice: like us, the husband is not making a huge income, but they truly believe it is better for their daughter to make some financial sacrifices to keep mom at home.  That is not for everyone. Not everyone can or should make that decision, but we certainly understand where they are coming from.  This little gal is one bright pumpkin.  You can tell how much time her parents spend with her by how bright, happy and deeply content she is.  What fun it was for me to hold that little girl...and how lovely to hand back over to her daddy after our visit.  NO RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever for her upbringing!  I can enjoy her with no worries about anything for her.  Far better for my temperament than grandparenting.

On the other side of us there is a couple who didn't have their still very young family until they were in their early 40's.  They both work full time and both kids are in daycare for another year until the oldest one starts playschool.  They too knock themselves out to spend time with their kids every evening and every weekend.  Their kids too are secure, content, happy little people, always smiling.  The oldest one, a little boy, has no greater delight than standing outside when he gets home from day care and screaming with unadulterated joy, at the top of his lungs, for at least ten minutes. Then he does a little dance around on the lawn, waving his arms and singing almost as loudly as he screams.  He sing, "I love, love, love life, life, life!!" and he truly does. He just turned four years of age.  His little sister isn't quite two, a tough little cookie who can do a full face plant on a cement parking lot without shedding a tear. Only a squeak of frustration, that she has fallen behind the racing older kids because of her fall, ever escapes her lips.  She is determined to keep up with her older brother and his even older friends and they are very patient and good with her.  

There are lots of great kids in this complex living right around us.  They are eager to introduce themselves to us and let us in on the details of their busy lives.  It seems every time we walk outside it only takes a few seconds for "Hi Sue!  Hi Dell" to start ringing out.  We have Canadian kids, African kids, Iranian kids, Syrian kids, Trinidadian kids, Indian kids, First Nations kids and Oriental kids scattered throughout the complex.   Many of their immigrant parents are still wearing their national garb, so there are many bright colours and beautiful fabrics making their way around the sidewalks and parking lots.  

For all hits foibles as far as management and landscaping and maintenance, this is a fascinating place to live. It is just full of cutie patooties!  

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