Thursday, August 3, 2017

Praying For The "Boy"

We had a long phone conversation last night with our son.  Talk about stress that is tempting him to lose his normally very laid back attitude.  Hooo haaaa....well, there is certainly no doubt that he is a member of this family with its "it never rains but it pours" circumstances. hahaha

He found out a couple of days ago that he has to move out of his current accommodation by September 1 as the building is being renovated.  That was kind of a shock.  He is glad to move in the sense that the building is a real dump, but to only have 30 days notice to find a place as reasonably priced when he is working such long hours is adding some pressure to life.  He also has only one previous landlord in NYC from a few years ago when he homesat very temporarily for one of his university profs. Fortunately she is going to be a reference for him.

The same day he got a call from the fellow who is his sub-letter in Vancouver saying he has to move out by September 1 due to a situation that has arisen in his own life.  Fortunately there is a lineup of trustworthy people looking to take over that bachelor pad, but arranging it intercoastal when my son still doesn't qualify for an international phone plan has been rather time consuming and taxing.

It is taking forever to open a bank account, which we had warned him about. Fortunately he finally received his SSN, but the rigamarole to open an account south of the border when you live there on a visa requires passport checks, visa checks and other paperwork that takes forever and a day to fill out. A credit check is also required and it all takes time.  At the moment he is sitting on two pay cheques he can't deposit and he is soon going to have to have to make a rent payment to hold a place for September, as well as a full month's rent for damage deposit.  The exchange rate has pretty much drained his Canadian account, so there is a bit of stress about how long it is taking to open his American account.

In the midst of this he is happy to have been called to a second interview for an art gallery position.  That happens in the next couple of days.  The first thing he will be called upon to do, if he is hired, is to straighten out a dispute between two warring artists who are supposed to be having a show at the gallery at the same time this fall.  Aiiiii about an introduction to a new job: mediation between two highly talented, high strung creative types.  Fortunately our son is blessed with that skill, like his dad.  

He said that somehow he has held onto his sense of peace, through a lot of prayer and remembering all the other actual and near disasters in his life that have been solved through the mercy of God.  He is over the deep depression he was suffering the last time he lived in Brooklyn and finds the whole area much more appealing than he did then.  He has been able to spend part of his Saturdays off in Central Park looking at the trees and connecting with himself and God, so that is helping him maintain his joy in the midst of all the stresses a person takes on when relocating to a different country.  

Should you be the praying sort, perhaps you could take a few seconds to shoot up a quick prayer for resolution to both his accommodation situations and that the bank will get his account set up quickly so he can deposit his pay cheques. Thank you ever so much.

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