Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Some Answered "Son" Prayers

My parents phoned their grandson tonight and had good news to relay to us:  apparently our son does have a different room to rent for September 1st and in a much nicer part of Brooklyn than where he is now.  This is great news indeed.  The other piece of great news is that the part time gallery position he interviewed for several times recently is now his starting in September.  Thank you Lord....it is part time and it is temporary, but it is a foot in the employment door there.  We are grateful and happy for him.  It will be another week yet before the bank will start operating his account so that is still a matter of concern, so we continue to pray for mercy there, but we are most encouraged by the other answers to prayer.  It appears he has a couple of excellent options as well for subletters for his Vancouver room.  For this too we are grateful. Thank you for your prayers for him.  He has been expressing his consciousness of God's intervention on his behalf since this journey began last spring.  Watching his parents' lives unfold over the course of his lifetime he would have a difficult time rejecting the idea of God's guidance and last minute provision, haha.  So for now, the general trajectory for his life at last seems to be up, up, up.  For that we are most appreciative and grateful.  Okay Lord, now the bank account....thank You!!

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