Sunday, August 6, 2017

Soup du Jour

My husband and I had a lot of fun this afternoon making two batches of soup together.  I did the veggie prep and he did the cooking and spicing.  What we ended up with: a spicy Mexican potato lentil soup and a pureed chick pea and yam soup that is fabulous when topped off with pumpkin seeds and a pinch of of Maldon salt for each individual serving.  DELISH!!

My husband exhibits the patience of Job when it comes to sauteeing onions.  He leaves piles of diced white onions cooking in the pan for an hour or more on super low heat and they come out of that pan just perfectly clear and slightly caramelized.  O my...they make anything and everything taste spectacular.   For the Mexican soup he chose a perfect blend of mild chilis and paprikas.  He perfectly pureed the chick peas and yams...not a lazy lump anywhere.  Again...the patience I do not have for the finer details of cooking.  

My contribution, as usual, was paring and chopping and dicing and then washing up all the pots and utensils at the end of the procedure.  My other contribution was incessant blabbing while we worked. Sigh...again with the patience of Job.  

I had good reason to be blabbing today as church was so good earlier this morning. I considered something new in the sermon and that was very stimulating....the idea that we actually embark on two journeys in life and are often not told to expect the second one.  The first journey is when we are younger, getting our education, settling into a career and family life, accummulating houses and cars and money and other material possessions.  However, at some point, after we have more or less achieved those outward goals, the outward "container" of life, we often enter into a period of transition....such as Jacob did in our Genesis reading this morning when he wrestled with God as he fled the wrath of his brother Esau after stealing Esau's birthright.  We too often find ourselves wrestling with God about whatever is in the process of change in our inner life and as we reach out beyond the scope of what we have accumulated in our "outward container".  We too end up wandering about, spiritually wrestling with God, seeking a deeper meaning in life, working on what is in the "inner container", seeking some greater mission in life than simply sitting back and enjoying our possessions.  As J. R. Tolkein writes in his poem, "....all who wander are not lost."  God knows exactly where we are at.  He knows the first journey was important and necessary but he also knows that once we are reaching the end of those goals we will be ready for something else that he has in mind for us.  I hadn't thought about the idea of there being two journeys. For me that is a different way of expressing what happens as we get older and realize that as far as outward goals we pretty much have achieved them as best we ever will, so now what?  I am presently in a bit of a personal transition time, so it was meaningful to me to hear life presented in that way.

Back to the husband has two winner pots of soup, that is for sure.  YUMMY!!  I am not much of a soup person to be honest.  East Indian Sambar is about the only kind of soup I have eaten much of in recent years, partly because getting a carbohydrate count is so difficult with soups, plus they tend to be so full of sodium as to be dangerous for me.  The vegetarian recipes my husband based his soups on today are very low in sodium and fats.  Lots of carbs of course with the lentils and chickpeas and yams and potatoes, BUT I know I can eat about a half cup of each one and be safe.  I will savor those half cups of soup slowly and taste every single spoonful in depth!

The fact that my husband wanted to spend an afternoon cooking tells me he is starting to feel better underneath the tiredness.  This month he is getting a taste, through a temporary change that will be permanent in a couple of months, of what it is going to be like by the late autumn around the office.  A lot of stress will be coming off, stress he has been forced to deal with for too many months.  I am very happy for him.  Tomorrow he is going to do a few small computer updates and other such projects for me before he goes back to work on Tuesday.  We will sip and sup the soup and have a splendidly restful long as no one in the diocese has any emergencies that must be dealt with immediately while the Bishop is on holidays. hahahaha  Hopefully all will be peaceful and calm!

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