Saturday, August 5, 2017

That WAS Fun!

What a beautiful morning to be driving around the city: pleasant temperatures in the low +20'sC, a mix of sun and cloud and surprisingly few customers in the stores and vehicles on the main thoroughfares.  Despite all the tourists visiting for the Queen City Exhibition this weekend, not much has changed for store and street traffic.  I suppose most of our local citizens are "at the lake" for the weekend.  "We were at the lake" is the common refrain to explain summer absences here.  There are so many lakes in this province that we have had to learn a great deal of provincial geography in order to find out which of the various lakes our friends and congregation members and colleagues are "at"!

Joy of joys, I found the particular "odd" products we were in need of spread out around several stores.  It took some racing about, asking questions of clerks and ferreting out a few items from back storage rooms, but eventually I was able to get the health food items my husband requires these days, as well as a couple of specialty items he needs to take on his upcoming canoe trip. I think he will be pleased. So many discounted prices as well....what treasures were found for me!

Now I can spend the afternoon trying to complete a biography I borrowed from a friend that she will soon be wanting back, getting some paperwork caught up and planning my upcoming week.  So far it includes a visit with a friend from out of town and my initial dental appointment to begin working on the crown for my broken tooth.  This tooth was NOT on the list of 5 outstanding crowns on my "work order", but better it falls apart now while my husband is still working.  What a bummer of a wife he ended up with.  While I am grateful I have not had to spend the past 15 years of my life single and unemployed on Social Assistance for health reasons, it seems so unfair that my husband, who also has a chronic illness, has been stuck bearing the load for us both as he has aged.  Aiii yiiii....sometimes life takes some very unexpected turns, doesn't it?

I am grateful today for family and friends.  Where would I be without your support and love?  Aiiii doesn't bear thinking about. I am incredibly blessed by the people in my life. 

Yup, it is a good day indeed.

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