Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Rain Is Raining All Around....At Last!

Our suite is pleasantly cool this morning after some steady rain overnight.  The parking lots and streets around our complex are all puddled up, unfortunately lauding a return of the geese after a delightful and appreciated absence of nearly three months, but it is so good to see and smell the moisture outside.  I had to close my bedroom window at 3am due to the cold air blowing into the room.  There is more rain, possibly some thunder shower activity, on the way sometime in the next couple of hours.  Of course our lawn maintenance personnel have all the hoses running at full blast, completely ignoring how much water has all ready accummuated naturally from the overnight, and are happily dowsing and drowning the roots of the new sod laid  three days ago on the lawn across from us.  It is tempting to call the city and report water wasteage, but what good would it do?  There are sufficient city crews driving around the area taking care of the other small playground parks that they can see for themselves the scandalous overuse of water here.  Nothing has been done about it and from what I have learned from living here now for several  years, nothing is likely to be done about it.   O well........I had to learn the hard way in talking to city officials about other questions I have about how things are done that simply to ask a question is considered a threat to the status quo, to someone's authority, and it is better to simply leave well enough alone.  Saskatchewan-inians-ownians-ites are a stubborn people on the whole it seems.  hahaha

Oh, and while I am here, prior to starting my chores for the day, YES YES YES I know that in my previous posting it SHOULD be "Where there's smoke there ARE fireworks", not "there IS fireworks".   Do not bloggers have some sort of poetic license in their own posts???  Please, well educated, embarrassed by my existance family, please leave it alone, please!  Thank you!  teehee teehee teehee  Yes, I know none of you have called me on it thus far, but I know ya'll want to, don'cha, don'cha, don'cha??? hohoho!!!

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