Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Where There's Smoke.....

...there's FIREWORKS!!  YAY!!!!  

Tonight is the opening night for the Queen City Exhibition.  Apparently there was a kick off parade earlier this evening, but we rarely go to parades, so spent a happy evening at home watching boxing on tv.  At 9:30pm though we did step outside on our front porch to watch the most amazing fireworks display we have ever seen here.  The exhibition spared no expense on the extravaganza, that is for sure.  We saw every colour of every glittering, flashing, arcing, trailing, soaring firework I have ever heard of.  The smoke afterward has been so thick there is a swirl of it under my bedroom light! That's what I get for leaving all the windows open.  Five minutes after the banging and popping stopped there were still little sparkly bits floating down on the front lawn here, that is how close our place is to where they are set off.  What fun and what joy to see so many tiny children dancing around all over the lawn, oohing and aahing as each new light show erupted in the sky.  See, we can't move to a different area of the city.  Here there are fireworks...what more does a person need in a rental accommodation, right????  LOVE 'EM!! Fireworks make my heart glad.

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