Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Darned Good Little Movie!!

After supper this evening my husband said he found a movie on our tv rental station he thought we would both REALLY REALLY enjoy.  He saw a preview for it a few weeks ago and has had it in his mind to rent it ever since, but there has been no time. I asked him what it was about and he told me it was called Their Finest and that it was a British/Welsh produced movie about the making of propaganda movies during the Second World War.  

I hope I wasn't gaping at him as he described the subject matter of this film that starred no one I have ever heard of before.  The making of propaganda films?  Seriously?  He thought I would be fascinated with a movie like that? Seriously???  I was about to say no thank you dearie, but he was so excited to see it with me and had generously and graciously watched the re-broadcast of last weekend's Golovkin/Alvarez boxing match this afternoon, despite us knowing the outcome all, sure, why not watch the movie of his choice? Right? Ho hum....'tis a far, far better thing I do, and all that jazz.

WOW, I am so glad I decided to watch the film.  It is excellent.  It is witty and gritty, well cast, well acted, with a wonderful script and excellent cinematography.  When the movie started I happened to have a piece of string in my hand that I planned to throw into the garbage at the first opportunity....the first opportunity for boredom on my part.  When the movie ended I was still clutching the piece of string and two fingers that were wrapped around it were nearly numb!  There were no boring parts.  I didn't want to pause the recording and interrupt the flow of the movie.  hahahaha  My husband scored BIG on his choice of movie for this evening. 

Thanfully it was far less dramatic in some ways than the real life event that took place in front of our suite earlier in the day.  About the time we started watching the boxing match I noticed that all the traffic on the street outside was stopped even though they were 100 yards from the nearest crosswalk and they certainly weren't stopping to let geese cross the road.  Eventually I realized that 2 cyclists had smacked head on into each other on the sidewalk, right where it curves and creates a slight blind spot.  The bicycles were lying in a twisted modern art sort of sculpture, there was a ball cap in the middle of the street and various bicycle parts were scattered about as well.  People in the cars were stopping to move the hat and the metal pedals and cross bars off the street so traffic could get moving again.

What caught my attention next was the fact that the two cyclists were having a battle royal, each attempting to make the other into a replica of the bicycle sculpure, fists flying, insults and slurs being shouted at top volume, while terrified onlooking motorists huddled in their cars, cell phones out, calling the police.  The fight moved out into the middle of the street, down the centre of the road, stopping traffic in all directions and eventually the two fellows ended up on our complex's lawn, two buildings down from ours.  By the time they got to the grass, the blows were becoming more serious and one fellow finally went down under the power of the other's fist. As soon as he hit the ground he began suffering a round of horrendously powerful kicks from his opponent.  When that began, two young male motorists leapt from their vehicles and tried to pull the men apart. About that time the police arrived, patrol car lights flashing and sirens blaring.  They managed to wrestle both men to the ground, subdue and cuff them, eventually hauling the "kicker" into a patrol car and calling an ambulance for the "kickee"!  The two civilians who tried to help stuck around until the ambulance came while giving their statements, as did some of the intial car drivers that stopped as soon as the bicycles collided. Eventually all the cars,  ambulances, bystanders, arrestees and EMT's left the scene and the neighbourhood settled down again.  

I was pretty jacked up by the time I got to choir practise later in the afternoon, so if my voice still wasn't great, at least it was energetic!! I always feel nauseous and highly emotional watching any kind of real life violence, even violence as minor as the fight on the lawn.  I am just grateful neither participant had a knife or a gun.

Tomorrow we have some errands to run.  My husband is going to exchange one of his canoe buddy's things for his own things that ended up in each other's pile of "stuff" when they unloaded the vehicle after the trip in early September.  I think the rest of the guys have sorted out their things and made the necessary exchanges so that once my husband and his driving partner are sorted out, everyone will have all their own gear back.

Interesting weekend....glad it was so good and that my husband is able to take a couple of sick days and a day off this week.

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