Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy To Have My Husband Home and Cheery

Yesterday was another fine day.  Although it was quite breezy and there was a bit of a nip in the air, the sun was shining most of the day and the temperature rose to +18C by mid afternoon.  Quite a glorious end to the summer season.  As of today's date it is officially autumn and this past week has certainly prepared me to come out of denial about the winter and embrace this next season.

In the late morning I decided it was time to unload some of the books I have read lately, so I walked a few blocks to a community mail box and deposited them, stopping for a couple of grocery items on the way home.  I had to pick up a can of oven cleaner to clean up the horrendous mess I made of the oven earlier in the morning when I made my husband's favourite pudding.  The baking bowl I used to cook it in broke some time ago and the one I chose to make this pudding in turned out to be just slightly too small to retain all the boiling liquid that goes into the pudding just before putting it in to cook.  By the time it was cooked the entire bottom of the oven was drenched in a layer of sugar water and apple juice.  Eek!!!  

I suppose it is just as well the mess was so bad because I absolutely had to clean it up before it would be possible to use the oven again.  While I cleaned I had a great chat with a friend who lives in Ontario.  Talking to her certainly made the job go more quickly.  May she be richly blessed for taking the time because her conversation helped me keep my cussing about my own stupidity with that too small dish to a minimum! haha She has a very calm voice and serene manner that is very good for me!

I wasn't sure what time my husband was coming home because there was no time to ask him before he blasted off Monday morning.  So, when a friend from out of town called me with some great news she wanted to celebrate with me I accepted her invitation to go out to dinner together. She was making a long drive just for dinner and I appreciate that! No sooner had I hung up the phone when my husband returned!  Fortunately he was so tired he was just as glad I was going out for a couple of hours so he could have some time alone.  He has had many days in the past month where he has been away overnight with other people for work or recreation and the constant 24 hour contact has exhausted him.  He needed some time alone and wanted to putter about putting his own dinner together, so I was free to go out and have fun.

My friend and I went to Regina's newest Mexican restaurant, Chachalacas.  It is east on Quance, in where Breakfast Bistro used to be located, directly east of Oliv and La Luna.  We had a delicious meal there.  I think I have now tried every taco salad in the city and this one was very good.  There was so much meat on it I am shocked I didn't react to all the sodium it must have been cooked with.  It came in one of those big taco bowl shells, which is perfect for me because I don't have to eat the oily, cholesterol producing shell to feel I have had a wonderful meal for the price.  There was so much salad inside I felt no need to do more than break off a teeny bit of shell just to try it.  My friend had beef tacos: soft tacos with spicy strips of steak, onion and green peppers with an accompaniment of a scoop of Mexican spiced rice and some kind of salad.  The included starter was a rather large amount of relatively fresh corn chips and a spicy pico de gallo that made our lips was DELICIOUS and if it wasn't for all the cholesterol producers in the chips I would order a meal of that and that alone sometime. My friend is the funniest person I know, so beside the great food we had many, many hearty laughs and giggles.  

When I got home my husband was flaked out on the couch idly flipping the channels on the tv and looking far more rested than he did when he first arrived home.  We watched the finale of American Ninja Warrior together and I knew he was feeling more rested because he was rather verbal about how much better he could construct that course and arrange the order of events. hahahahaha  It really irritates him that so much upper body strength is required for most of the course as he feels it caters only to certain body builds. I couldn't care less about any of it. For me it is just a chance to watch something together on tv and have some fun at home.  Some wives have to be football wives or hockey wives, me, I am an American Ninja Warrior wife. hahaha

My day ended with a phone call from a friend in BC...more good news to celebrate, so I headed off to bed feeling very happy for the many answered prayers in the lives of two of my closest friends.

A friend is coming over fairly early this morning to rehearse her audition pieces for little theatre and then I am heading out for a hair cut and some banking.  It is time to renew our car insurance and the new tax that was slapped on so unexpectedly a few weeks ago is going to ding us pretty hard each year.  I thought car insurance here was ridiculously expensive to start with!!  I am so grateful for the nearly three hundred dollars a year that is deducted from what we owe for our safe driving record.  I think we would be tempted to give up our vehicle if we didn't have that.  We are just conscious of the newly rising cost because our base insurance nearly doubled with this newer, larger vehicle.  There will be no car once we retire, that is for sure!

So happy it is going to be another decent day outdoors so I can walk to the hair dresser and back.  My husband has some African agriculturalists from Uganda to entertain today in the midst of everything else that is now another 3 days behind due to the Conference, hahaha.  However, he has been able to arrange visits to a farm and one of the potash mines with some other people from the diocese as leaders. I think he himself just has to take them to the Provincial Museum this afternoon, if all goes well. hahaha That will be his 3rd trip in as many weeks.  In his retirement I think he should lead Provincial Museum tours!  hahahaha

Okay, time to get a move on.  It is nearly 7am. I only have a bit of time to get my husband's lunch made, get myself showered and dressed, eat breakfast and practise my friend's music.  Ready, set, GO!

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