Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Rain, Rain, Gone Away

The rain ceased to fall just after lunch.  I am delighted.  We had an excellent downpour which can only help the dry conditions at least somewhat and our basement leaking was confined to the original corner where it seems it has leaked for years.  It is much better since my husband reparged it, but there is still one spot right where the landscaping outside funnels all the water right into the biggest corner crack in the foundation that starts leaking with little provocation.  Well, FAR, FAR better than it used to be down there before he sealed some of the other, even more massive cracks. Don't know how many seasons the sealant will hold, but perhaps we will be moved on elsewhere by the  time it lets go.

As I suspected, today was indeed a perfect day for cleaning house. I took my time,  I took some phone calls, I took time to make myself a decent lunch, to practise a couple of songs for my friend's audition and to read some online newsfeeds....o my goodness, those poor folk in Puerto Rico and area getting decimated by another tropical storm, horror is striking in Mexico from another serious earthquake and the leader of our neighbours to the south is making threats against North Korea when diplomacy and mediation are what is called for when dealing with Asian thought process and culture.  All I can say is that if all this nasty rhetoric ends up starting a huge world war and our country is in the midst of the bombing, I pray if one lands around here it lands directly on me and ends it all instantly!  I was furious that both our major newscasters cut away from a speech by our very own prime minister to instead bring us the speech being given at the same time to the United Nations by President Trump. Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!  Wow, that makes me intensely hot under the collar!!  The media here is minimizing our own leadership to play voyeur with our neighbouring leadeship to the south. It isn't that we shouldn't have heard that speech to the UN, it is that it could have waited until our VERY OWN leader completed his message to our VERY OWN nation.  Okay...off the bandwagon now.....

After waiting for a full week until their schedule had sufficient breaks in it to give me a call, I finally heard from my mom and dad today. hahahaha  I am glad I obeyed their "Don't call us, we'll call you when we finally get time." edict from last week.  Since they initiated the contact they were all primed to share their lives with good humour and they even asked me about my life....it has been some time since they last remembered to do that.  I am very excited to hear how many things they are up to with their fellow residents and staff. They have a wonderful recreation director and an event planner who both love senior citizens and knock themselves out to make those seniors' lives more fun and interesting.  There is a new chef now, finally, part time, to make at least a few of the nightly dinners right there in the kitchen instead of having all the meals made at a different facility, then trucked over and ending up over cooked, cold and generally unpalatable too much of the time.  The chef is a lovely man and he too enjoys seniors very much.  He put on a special BBQ lunch today for the people who had originally signed up to go on a picnic to Glenmore Park and who were disappointed when it had to be cancelled due to weather.  So, in between the BBQ and appointments with the podiatrist, my parents gave me a call. It was nice.

Tonight I want to make myself a decent dinner so I suppose I should scout around for something tasty and nutritious.  I have lots of salad veggies I can prepare. Maybe, since the chicken I thought would thaw in time for dinner has not thawed sufficiently, I will make another of my favourite tuna salads with a toasted pretzel bun. Yum!  There is lots of prep for the veggies so I think I will go and start preparing for my own little home feast!

Oh, my husband called me last night after the evening conference lecture was over at the retreat centre.  Dr. Barclay is talking about "grace" in the New Testament. There is quite a bit of teaching from the Book of Romans, but from other books as well. My husband sounded quite enthused.  Now I too am looking forward to reading his notes, like he did mine from the Galatians lectures.  I am realizing I could almost handle going back to seminary....ALMOST!!  (but not quite)

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