Sunday, October 22, 2017

And Another Thing I So Appreciate about Jesus

There is quite a push in our culture these days to try to "even out" past abuses by turning victims into victimizers....the abused of the past become the abusers of the present because, well, "it is understandable, in a way it is only just."


The thing is that my Jesus was one of the victims in this world during his earthly lifetime.  He was verbally abused. He was lied about.  He was physically abused.  He was tortured and murdered.  

And yet....he did not spend his last hours before the cross-carrying walk to Calvary in angry defense of himself. He did not fire back at his accusers and abusers.  He said things like, "Forgive them Father. They do not know what they are doing." He said this in the midst of experiencing a torturous death.

That's my Jesus....the victim who became a victor.

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