Wednesday, October 18, 2017

No Damage At Our Place

It was rather difficult to sleep soundly last night with the howling, building-rocking winds, but we did not too badly.  My husband got up just before midnight to locate a pair of earplugs so he could block out some of the noise and I was only kept awake after that for another half hour by a bad case of the giggles.  When my husband is up stumbling around in the night he also runs off at the mouth and if he could maintain that state of semi-consciousness during the day he could earn a wonderful living as a stand up comedian!!  

The wind tore down our fake hornet's nest we had hanging by the back door, but it wasn't damaged at all. It was still hanging down the side of the suite by a string, so  I put it back into the basement this morning in hopes that the lack of hornets around our back door of late is a good sign that they won't return and start building a nest under the loose siding there.  I was quite startled on my walk yesterday to discover how many there still are seeking winter shelter under the huge piles of rotting leaves on the residential boulevards.  Unless some environmental condition between now and next spring destroys many of them, we are in for a real innundation again next year.

The big headlines in the local papers are all about the grass fires burning out of control north and west of Swift Current.  The winds tossed those flames right across a couple of secondary highways near Burstall and Leader and both towns have been evacuated.  We have good friends in ministry in Leader so we are very worried about them.  There is another grass fire somewhat out of control north of Airdrie Alberta and threatening the northern end of the town. We have many friends in that area as well so we will try to stay up to date on the latest news of that fire too.

Today we are still experiencing wind gusts, but nothing like the 110km winds we had overnight.  I am assuming our city sustained some damage somewhere but no reports have shown up online yet.

Last night when I stepped out on the front porch at 11pm to ensure our mailbox lid was securely shut, the air temperature was as beautiful as any mid-summer evening.  The strong winds were just getting started and I stood under the small overhang outside the door, protected from the wind, enjoying the warm air.  SO very lovely and quite impressive for the middle of October.

Today the cold front that blew through is leaving us with a predicted high of only +8C but by tomorrow we should be warming up once again.  O how I love this protracted lovely autumn weather. 

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