Sunday, October 22, 2017

Our Son Has Reached Ludicrous Speed

So, tonight a sad email: the poor man now has stress eczema around his eyes, making him feel and look like a freak, right in the middle of trying to secure employment.  Also his phone quit working today as far as sending and receiving calls. Fortuately he can still text...for now at least.  The reception was never very good with his carrier anyway and we often lost contact in the middle of our calls together.  

At this point we are all laughing to some degree because when this many things go dark all at the same time we can be fairly certain God is allowing all this crapola to go on for a good reason, some kind of spiritual lesson in trust.  That has certainly been the case in all our past experiences anyway.  My husband and I are re-living our own younger lives as we watch our son going through the same sorts of "dangers, toils and snares" we also experienced at his age.  We pray he will learn the same lessons as well about trusting God when life looks bleakest.  Actually, considering what he went through a couple of years ago right here in Canada, this is almost a day at the beach in comparison.  We pray too that all those who have convenanted to pray for him will also see the good fruits of their prayers of compassion for a brother in the Lord who is rather stressed out as he tries to be patient and wait on God for the some point, no matter how hard a person is trying to solve the problems, there has to be some time taken to rest from the labours and wait.  Our son did that today, but tonight is revamping his CV cover letter to improve it as he applies for more jobs this coming week.

I have packaged up some moisturizing cream that works for my own eczema and will mail it to him in the morning.  Please pray it arrives.  Thank you so much.

To God be the glory.........Amen!

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