Thursday, October 12, 2017

So the Plans Are Coming Together....Kinda......

My husband is so busy with meetings this weekend that I decided I am going to treat myself to some time away, starting tomorrow.  

I am going to my favourite former town of residence to spend the day and overnight.  I have some shopping I need to do there earlier in the morning and am then meeting a friend for lunch.  Hopefully it is going to turn into a very long lunch because I have not one plan for the rest of the afternoon.  I do know a fair number of folk there, but with it being a weekday most of them are working, or have other committments that I all ready know about, and my original plans for the afternoon fell completely

If nothing else I can bop around the downtown.  There is a museum and art gallery that will both be open and that I haven't been to in forever. There is an art gallery and pottery/gift shop I also have not visited in a long time.  The more I think about it, the more I realize there are quite a few ways to fill 2 or 3 hours on my own before checking into my hotel.  There are some clothing stores downtown that are highly overpriced, but always fun to look through.  Since I need neither more pottery, gifts nor clothing our budget is safe! hahaha

The next day I will be at a seminar and there will be quite a few folk there that I know and am looking forward to seeing.  After the seminar my husband will also be in town so we are going to have dinner with special friends, the other part of the plan that came together....bookend mealtimes over the 2 days away.....then we will head for home, since he has to work on Sunday and one night for me in a hotel is a sufficient splurge for this month.  

I packed warm clothes for this little venture.  It is to be as cold for the next 2 days as it was today.  Since I didn't have a car today I decided to walk downtown to pay a bill that was due.  Brrrrr....any denial I may have been fighting about summer being over disappeared completely today!  

I started walking and only went about a half a block before turning around, returning home and putting on a sweater under my coat.  Off I went for round two, only to turn around once again at about the same spot when I realized I had no gloves in my coat pockets and returned home once again for a warm pair.  By round three I was bundled up sufficiently to walk all the way to the bank, then a warming tour around Cornwall Centre before returning home along a route more protected from the wind than the main street tour I took on the way to the bank.  WOW...what a shock to feel that cold, cold wind blowing.  Yuck!!  Fortunately we are to get some slightly warmer temperatures next week.  

Plans are coming along quickly and well for a family get together on Boxing Day.  Various cousins of my husband's are available that day and we are planning a tea party in the social room at one of their condo facilities.  My husband's sister and her husband will arrive about a half hour previous to the start of the party, so they won't have much time to relax after their morning drive before we are off and running.  We are so looking forward to it.  I will take some snacks and we will arrange for tea and coffee, keeping it simple but having lots of time for visiting. Some of the cousins have not yet met each other, so that will make it even more fun. THAT is a plan that is REALLY coming together!!  YAY!

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