Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Waiting For the Winds

It is just after 10pm.  Ever since late yesterday afternoon our city has been poised and waiting for a serious windstorm to arrive.  It has been blasting through southern Alberta, picking up speed as it hits the Cypress Hills and heads overnight tonight through to Manitoba.  Over the past half hour the winds have begun to gust and if the gales do reach the predicted 90-110km per hour, they will not blow themselves out until sometime tomorrow morning apparently.  The cause is a low pressure system that blew in over the Rockies from B.C a couple of days ago.  Once it passes we are supposed to enjoy a few more pleasant days before the seasonal temperatures return.

Today we reached a high of +21C.  It was GLORIOUS!!  I struck out for downtown just after 11am, opting to remain on the main thoroughfare on the way up and then take the scenic, heavily treed residential route on the way home.  It felt good to get the utility bills all paid, and even better that both bills were an actual instead of estimated reading, so the expected rise in cost now that our furnace has been running more often did not happen. I actually paid less for each bill than I did last month.  Bingo!!!

To have a sit d0wn rest after the first half of my walk, I picked up a chicken shawarma salad at Zam Zam Wraps.  It was fantastic as always, but their prices have taken a huge jump.  My lunch came to nearly four dollars more than previously. Hmmmm....I am going to have to reconsider eating there I guess.  However, when I consider what I paid for a fantastic salad, absolutely loaded with shwarama and compare that to what I paid for a plate of lettuce and rubbery chicken at the Capitol a few weeks ago...well, Zam's prices are still not that bad in comparison!  I think that I will broaden my horizons however, assuming I get a few more walks in to downtown before the snow flies. There is a Thai buffet I would like to try and a couple of full menu coffee houses.  We'll see what happens when the phone bill arrives, hahahaha.

I broke one of my "kitchen fun plates" yesterday when unloading it from the dishwasher.  As I was taking it out I lost my grip on it and dropped it on top of a pan with a sharp edge. Fortunately it didn't shatter and leave ceramic bits all over the bottom of the dishwasher.  A couple of shards broke off neatly. It was disappointing as it was a favourite that I won't find again, since I picked it up at a clearance sale just before Sears closed, but I looked around on the discount tables in The Bay kitchenwares department and found a nice blue plate at a good price. It is a bit better quality, so hopefully should last a bit longer than the one I broke. 

My idea of returning home via the scenic route ended a half block into it.  Although the wind had not started blowing like it is starting to blow right now, there was a sufficient increase in the breeze to blow up little "dust devils" at each driveway and intersecting alleyway.  The first alleyway I crossed left me with dust up my nose, a swirl of wasps around my ankles and several dried up leaves stuck behind my glasses, over my eyes.  It was horrible and left me gasping for breath. A woman who was walking almost beside me also got swept up in it and swore rather soundly at the dirt on her face.  So, I hoofed it back over to the main street where there are only business buildings, no trees or dried leaves and no wasps!  It was a bit disappointing, but other than that brief windblown hassle, it was a great, warm walk home. I had to take my coat off and carry it over my arm, that is how warm it was outside. Just beautiful!! 

Time to shut the computer down.  The wind has finally begun to howl and the lights are flickering. Maybe we are going to have a power outage.  The dead leaves hitting the side of our building sound like a powerful rain storm.

Blessings everyone and hope you all stay safe in the wind should it come your way.

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