Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Very Nice Weekend

What a super weekend this is turning into!

My husband took part in an excellent strategic planning meeting all day at work and after it ended he and his bishop had time to spend an hour together getting caught up on each other’s schedules after not having sufficient time together of late. He came home greatly encouraged.

While he was at work I accomplished some household chores, folding the laundry while watching an odd movie titled Table 19. Strange show, not sure what the point of it is, but it was good company while getting the chores here caught up.

My husband returned from work in time to eat dinner with me before I went to the Amici concert. Yay!  I picked up a friend from church and we had a nice visit going to and from the concert venue, then were joined there by three more friends. We all enjoyed ourselves very much. The choir performance was really good. There were struggles this term, but everything came together well tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed myself....and allowing myself some of the melted chocolate during the intermission fondue was also a treat! I cannot remember the last time I ate chocolate.

Another church friend handed me music to two songs just as I sat down at the concert. They are for the church service tomorrow morning. Her singing partner is too ill to sing, so I am going to give it a try. I discovered they are fairly simple when I rehearsed them at my keyboard when I got home tonight, so hopefully I won’t screw it up in the morning!

My husband and I watched a couple of boxing matches after I got home tonight...always fun.

Tomorrow afternoon we will be driving to another town for dinner with special friends. Then we will go to their church service together. The forecast for snow has apparently changed, so the drive should not be too challenging. Whew!

I am grateful we are keeping so busy this weekend. It is keeping my husband’s mind off his ultrasound results. We are both grateful he will be getting them on Monday few days to worry.

It is on the way to midnight. Guess I should get some sleep if I am going to try to sing first thing in the first attempt since the bleeder in my throat finally dried up. Hope I don’t open it up again.


Ron Baker said...

Sue, we watched Table 19 as well.

I figure this is our societies' new approach to life - victims join together to triumph over oppressors. "Diversity is our strength" is our motto and battle cry. Ok, that may be trying to make something out of the movie that is not there. Great character development - almost made me want to join them!!

Susan said...

I was once seated at a “table 19” at a wedding and had the time of my life. I think you are right about the trend for themes in recent movies. Makes me wonder just how many North Americans are feeling oppressed, more than in previous years?