Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lots of Good News From the Test Results

My husband and his doctor were generally pleased with the test results they discussed today.  The triglycerides are too high, so some more work to be done there over the next 3 months, but the cholesterol has dropped to just within accepted range, the kidneys are working well, blood sugar is about perfect, even the thyroid is producing properly. There is no evidence at all of a bacteria associated ulcer.

So, the next step is an ultrasound to start zeroing in on the gall bladder.  My husband certainly feels divinely led to this doctor and clinic.  There is a lab, x-ray, ultrasound all right there and so instead of having to book weeks in advance for his ultrasound he is going in tomorrow morning!  The doctor will have the results very quickly.  WOW!!  The clinic where my doctor works has only an ECG machine.  I would be waiting a long time for a non-emergency ultrasound!  How cool my husband doesn't have that concern.

Step one completed, step two all set to go! I am hoping and praying that a diseased gall bladder requiring removal is going to be the worst case scenario........

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