Friday, December 15, 2017

Quick Action

I can't believe that 3 days after I had my temporary crown put on, today I was back to the dentist all ready to have the permanent one applied.  The lab they use is SO quick to deliver.  Had to have a bit of freezing as my gums had no time to heal from the first appointment, but it is nearly out now and I am very happy with the look and feel of this new crown.

My husband had his ultrasound this morning.  He said he is quite certain that there is not one square inch above his waist that has not been scanned and rescanned.  Talk about thorough. He was most impressed.  His doctor's receptionist told him the results should be there by Monday morning and so she scheduled him an appointment for mid morning that day!!  What fast action!  It pays to be one of the first patients in a new doctor's client base!  Having the labs and machinery on site makes a huge difference to the speed with which tests can be done and doctors can get the results to their patients.  Whatever the results of the ultrasound, we are impressed with the fact that my husband has gone from a meet and greet appointment, to lab work and results, to an ultrasound and results appointment in only 8 days....that has not been our experience in many a year.  This reminds me of the "good old days" of Alberta Health Care back in the 1970's. WOW!

My husband admits he is kind of frightened about what might be found by the ultrasound.  He has not been feeling well for a long time, ever since these gall bladder types of attacks began many a month ago and his job stresses add to his weariness. Added in on top of his CFS I cannot believe he is still able to work, let alone do as good a job as he is doing.  Whatever the problem is, he has a doctor who is keen to help him and I believe will do his very best to assist my husband in getting well. 

God knows and that helps me cope with the more dire possibilities that can't help crossing our minds.

The weather is wonderful again. Although it has been overcast all day and the wind is rather chilly, the temperature rose to +3C this afternoon.  It is going to change in a few day's time though so I am enjoying every second of this blessing.  We are supposed to be going out of town on Sunday afternoon for dinner with friends and then a church service, so hope the predicted snow is not heavy enough to stop us, or to make the drive miserable.  We are so looking forward to spending time with these dear folk.  So, we are praying for mercy in our Sunday travels.

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