Friday, January 12, 2018

A "Feelin' Contented" Kind of Day!

It is nearly time to make my dinner after a really good day around here~productive AND relaxing AND social AND emotionally healing~an all around good day!!

We developed a leak under our kitchen sink some time ago, but yesterday as I was cleaning in the kitchen I realized it was getting substantially worse, so I put in a maintenance request with the management. They got back to me quickly and guaranteed a plumber would come today....and he did!  We do get good service here, quick and cheerful workers, if not always completely competent. haha Today though, the work seems to have been done well and our plumbing is sporting some new piping under the sink.  Yippee!!!

I pooped out yesterday only a little more than half way through the kitchen cleaning project. WOW, we have a LOT of "stuff" packed into that teeny, tiny space, making it very time consuming to haul every last item out of the cupboards, butcher block sland and food storage cabinet and washing everything down.  It surely felt good though to get that much accomplished.  I didn't return to the kitchen cleaning today though because I wasn't sure what time the plumber would be there, so I moved into the dining room to clean for the morning and had it all finished up by 11:00am; including taking EVERY last plate, cup, bowl, vase and whatever have you out of both china cabinets for a wipedown and reorganizing!  

Tomorrow after my husband heads into work I will finish the kitchen.  I still have the huge spice rack to clean, the stove top and refrigerator and a small bank of cupboards that are crammed with my husband's tea fixings and the baking dishes and cutlery etc.  It is going to take all day probably just to finish the kitchen at last.

Lunch was great today!  I woke up at 5am with a feeling I should check my email and sure enough there was an invite sent out only a couple of hours previously, (obviously my friends couldn't sleep either, haha), giving a rather spontaneous luncheon invitation for today.  Our friends live out of town and had appointments here all day, but had 90 minutes free for a quick lunch and visit together.  Since my husband knew he had to work late tonight and is trying to nurse his latest CFS outbreak along, he was working from home this morning, resting every half hour or so for a few minutes, so was able to participate in this short time of visiting and feasting. 

I was so glad he was home because, although he was too tired to do the shopping we had originally planned for this morning, at least I knew he would be there to help me on my first foray across the skating rink that is presently our back yard, in order to get to our car.  Nope...WRONG!!!  Just about the time we needed to start the car in the -34C weather and get the ice chipped off it, he got a very important phone call from work that he had to answer and deal with.  I couldn't believe it!!  WHY AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT DID THIS CALL COME IN???  Well, I think the Lord knew I needed to step outside on my own to regain some confidence and lose some of the fear of taking a tumble.  In order to prevent us from being horribly late for our all ready brief lunch date I had to slip and slide my way across the ice and start the car, continue skating around it to scrape the windows and try to keep my balance long enough to stand and chatter with the 3 maintenance personnel who were busy taking buckets of sand out of the big bin beside our parking space. hahaha  BUT I DID IT...that you LORD!!  By the time I eased myself into the car we were late all ready for lunch, but my husband emerged from our suite shortly after I got myself belted into the car and away we went.  I admit I was shaking just a bit....despite the good ice gripping soles on the bottom of my winter boots, the ice is just so thick and smooth, it is no wonder my husband wore his ice crampons to get to work and back yesterday. The 2cm long ice pick on the bottom of my cane is not sharp enough to grip into that smooth, clear ice outside.  It was worse than useless actually. I would have been safer without it.  Anyway, I survived!  Now I am not quite as frightened to leave the house when next I have to go out....maybe Sunday afternoon, when the need for certain grocery items will be acute! 

By the time we arrived at the restaurant and parked we had lost all ready fifteen minutes of our precious 90.  Then we lost another 15 getting the Impark ticketing and restaurant parking reimbursement sorted out.  The staff who should have been able to explain to us where to park and where the ticket machines were and how it worked to get us full reimbursement from the restaurant actually had no clue how any of it worked.  GRRRRRRRR!!!!!  My husband lost it completely, in his quiet way that no one but me would recognize as him reaching the absolute end of his rope.  He is fed up to the back teeth trying to deal with so many people who seem to know nothing, continue to want to know nothing and have no idea what they are doing/talking about most of the time.  By the time he was done with them, he had two of them walking through the hotel where the restaurant is located, then outside in the cold to the Impark lot to our car, demanding that they learn how to do their job properly so other hotel and restaurant clients would not have to endure the hassle he was experiencing trying to figure out where we could legally park, where to look for the stall number, which pay machine actually applied to OUR parking lot.  Oooh, my husband was not going to let this one go!!!  I eventually headed into the restaurant to find our friends becoming a tad frantic wondering where on earth we were. While I am sorry it meant our friends and I ended up leaving our plates of buffet food sitting on the table getting cold while we searched high and low for my husband, thinking he had fallen on the ice somewhere and injured himself when he didn't return for what seemed like a LONG time, I am glad my husband worked through the parking situation to his satisfaction. The new hotel staff also learned quite a bit before he was done "fixing" the mess they unintentionally created for us and for him.  After all that he realized I was the one with the money to put into the machine to get the ticket we had to turn in at the restaurant after lunch and ended up putting the meagre four dollars onto his credit card, since I was now back in the restaurant, hahahaha.  BUT he solved all the problems and subsequently enjoyed his now relaxing meal very much. hahaha  BUT we lost just over 1/3 of our time together....o well....

The visit and meal turned out very well in the end. The shortened time meant we had to keep the conversation time for big issues, stresses and what have you.  It was WONDERFUL!! We blithered on about absolutely nothing of importance...there was no heavy discussion, no focus on work or ministry.  It was just four friends chatting and happy together.  I cannot remember the last time a lunch came together so spontaneously.  Spontaneity has been sadly missing from our lives for quite some time now and I forgot how great it feels to just "do it"! 

I was so energized by it that after my husband headed for the office, I tackled cleaning the living room, assuming I would only get started before I pooped out and have to finish it some other day. Not now is completely cleaned as well.  It has been kind of fun hauling tables and chairs, couches and cabinets, the keyboard and tv all away from the walls and nooks and crannies, to get in underneath them and all around them with a vacuum hose and duster.  Wow, I feel just great and it means I can complete the kitchen tomorrow. Then next week I can move the cleaning operation upstairs.  Yesterday I realized I was going to be a day behind schedule and now I am a day ahead.  YIPPEE!!

Tonight I am going to watch the movie "Maudie" on tv.  I missed it when it was in the theatre this summer and was so disappointed.  Really  looking forward to it.  After having such a long and wonderful phone chat with our artist son last night I am looking forward to seeing this movie about an artist. 

Yup, a fine so many ways!

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