Saturday, January 13, 2018

If you Could Read My Mind, Love

I didn't get much of a nap in after my last post before my husband arrived home from work....LADEN with FOOD for dinner!!!!!  I do not remember the last time he stopped on the way home from work and picked up dinner to go without me knowing he was going to do it!  HALLELUJAH!!  He picked up dinner because he realizes I am feeling kind of cabin feverish with being stuck inside so much this past week.  Nice of him to think of that and respond!!

Tonight we dined on chicken samosas that were giant sized and stuffed with chicken and veggies, chicken caesar salad loaded with bacon and grated fresh parmesan, rice with lots of cloves and butter chicken!  Other than the rice there was not one thing that is safe for me to eat, BUT I didn't care.  I ate it anyway...might as well make sure the Lipitor has some work to do overnight! hahaha  O my, what a treat. He couldn't have given me a Christmas or birthday gift that would have meant more to me than arriving home with dinner this evening.  I was so relieved and so grateful I nearly cried all over him...but I restrained myself. hahaha His sister gave us a lovely bottle of red wine for Christmas that we opened to have with our dinner and it just happened to go extremely well with Indian many reds do not do well with meals like that, (hmmmm....haven't had caesar salad with Indian food before, actually, but who cares, right?  It made for a tasty and eclectic mix of cuisine.), but this one was perfect.

So now I am packed full of food and feeling rested after a post-prandial boxing match treat on tv.I should be exercising my butt off right now, but I am going to count on the previous exercise of today, coupled with a couple of glasses of red wine to keep my blood sugar at a reasonable level.  I barely made the climb upstairs a few minutes ago. hahahahaha  

It was a great day!!


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Susan Erlenbach said...

So perfect! Love Dell's thoughtfulness 😀