Friday, February 16, 2018

-5C This Afternoon and Sunny....YIPPEE!!!!

What a difference a day makes on the prairies in the winter!  

Yesterday I literally stayed in my Mark's Comfy Robe and Chapters Reading Socks until 6pm when I HAD to get dressed to go to choir practise.  It was a miserably cold day once again, cloudy, windy, little bits of snow drifting down intermittently...certainly was not the sort of motivating day I needed to get anything done around here!  Let me be kind to myself and say I "rested" a lot!  

This morning when I got up at 7am there was a windchill of -30C and wow, it was one chilly drive to the grocery store.  The good part about that is there were so few people shopping for groceries, despite it being the Friday morning of our provincial Family Day long weekend.  O YAY!  I cruised out of the grocery store lot and arrived at WallyWorld just before 9am, to find the parking lot had less than a dozen cars in it.  London Drugs was so deserted I think I could have shot a cannon down most of the aisles and not hit a living soul.  Even the bank, when I arrived at 9:30am, just as it was opening for the day, had a line up of exactly two people!  Did I miss the cancellation of our long weekend holiday, or did the city travellers depart all ready last night in hopes of getting to their destinations before the predicted possibilty of weekend snowstorms has a chance to come true?  Whatever the reason, it was the best Friday morning shopping time I have had in a very long time!!

Now I have just come inside from shovelling and it is -5C out there.  ABSOLUTELY FREAKING WONDERFUL!!  There is barely a breeze to battle and the sun is brilliant in the sky.  Wonder what price we will end up paying for this unexpectedly lovely day??!!?


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