Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Another Joyful Day...Mostly Anyway

The sun is out, the temperature has risen more than 20 degrees since last night, it is close to above freezing...yup, the kind of day a person on the prairies in winter lives for!  


My husband was up and on his way to work earlier than usual this morning simply because he was feeling so much better after yet another good night's sleep. Thank you Lord for that.  His early departure made it that much easier for me to get ready to catch the 9:20am bus to Cornwall Centre for my haircut.  When I arrived at the shop my appointment had been written onto the wrong day on their schedule, but fortunately for me my stylist is working today and had time to squeeze me in only a half hour later than my orginal time.  YAY!!  It worked out well.  As soon as I got out of the shop I raced to catch my bus home, but there was some kind of problem with that bus and it didn't arrive on time at the stop.  I waited with a large group of university students, all very concerned that they were going to be late for classes.  When 15 minutes after departure time arrived and still no bus, I gave up the wait and headed back into Cornwall Centre for a Zam's salad.  I ate breakfast so early I was feeling ill from low blood sugar, so I am glad I didn't wait any longer for that bus to take me home.

As I sat eating lunch at the mall, I had an idea for a gift to take with me this afternoon when I went to see a friend who is recovering from surgery.  I had just enough time after I ate to pick up some special teas for her from David's Teas and catch the next bus home, which fortunately did show up on schedule.  So, it all worked out very well and my friend received a much nicer gift than she would have if the first bus I tried to catch had arrived on time.  I hope those worried students got to school okay.

It was such fun visiting with my friend.  We drank lemon chamomile tea and chattered like a couple of sparrows.  We haven't seen each other in over a month, have only been in touch by the occasional text and email, so it was great to get together for a real visit.  She will be incapacitated for awhile longer, but is recovering very well.  I am so happy about that.

I have an excellent dinner planned for my husband this evening.  He and the other staff were cooking up a Shrove Tuesday pancake lunch together today.  My husband took his own delicious Mrs. Nunweiler's mix with him so he could avoid the corn in the mix the rest of the staff were going to use.  I am so glad that in the midst of extreme busyness they took a few extra minutes today to really enjoy fellowshipping together over a special meal.  So, my husband will be ready for a big Meat'n'Potatoes meal at dinnertime tonight.

Update on Cee: he continues to have post biopsy related problems so has been admitted to hospital for a few days of rest and meds until things settle down.  The wonderful part of this stressful and scary event is that FINALLY, months after many other requests to see a particular type of specialist have been turned down and deemed unnecessary, the ER doctor yesterday agreed with Cee that seeing that specialist IS the next step in seeking out the cause of all these problems.  YES!!  Thank you Lord!  Out of this bad weekend has come something potentially very good indeed.  Bless you everybody all for your prayers.

Last night I was so burdened by our many suffering friends that I could hardly bear to open any more emails or answer any more phone calls.  All the news for the past couple of days has been bad, each new contact bringing news of yet another ghastly illness attacking someone we love.  When I got back from downtown today I got ANOTHER phone call from a friend who spent the night in hospital last night.  Sigh....WOW....when is this going to end?  I admit, despite all the time I spent praying yesterday and giving the problems to God to solve, right before bedtime last night it all kind of got to me.  Fortunately a good night's sleep has restored my ability to deal with bad news today.  Lord, may there not be any more!!  AMEN! 

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