Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cee--An Update, etc. etc. etc.

I just got an email to let me know that Cee is home from hospital as of this morning.  He is weak, but on some new meds to mitigate his most immediate symptoms of distress.  He has more testing this coming week and more specialists to see, hopefully sooner rather than later.  There is much gratitude for all the praying folk who are so concerned for him.  Don't stop now!! hahaha

It is -13C today. SPRING! haha Well, in comparison to the temperatures of most of the past couple of weeks, it feels almost balmy outside this morning. There will be some very cold overnight temperatures over the coming week, but the daytime highs look to be quite bearable!  YES!!

My husband is well and truly filled with cold germs!  He is hacking and spluttering again today and trying not to laugh because that hurts his throat almost as much as the coughing binges.  Thank goodness our trip to Calgary next week was one that can be postponed until a better time for everyone.  Although he can't go into the office today because he isn't feeling up to it, he is getting a lot of work done on his computer, so is accomplishing almost as much as if he was physically in the office.  I can't believe the difference in his general demeanor and attitude since the CFS episode began to pass.   Although he is ill with a cold, he is motivated, he is working, he is cracking silly jokes, he is humming, he is cooking special treats for himself.  THIS is my REAL husband, not the depressed, miserable, frightened, unmotivated, fragile, unhappy fellow that appears during the CFS episodes.  I am grateful he is on the mend from that. Big changes at work have made a difference for him and are easing the stresses there.  He has gone to work quite happily for the past couple of weeks.  We should be used to the CFS now after so many years of it,  but still, it is a bit daunting each time it attacks him.

We both had great sleeps last night.  After our miserable sleep the previous night, it was most wonderful to sleep in until nearly 9am today.  Wow, we needed that!  Although it puts my meal times out of kilter for the whole day, I don't care.  Sleep is precious and nothing disrupts a person's state of being like the loss of it.  My blood pressure dropped so low after that one bad night that I nearly passed out from being lightheaded at the grocery store yesterday morning.  Today is much better!!   


Hmmm...maybe the sleep didn't help me as much as I thought it did: I gathered all the laundry together awhile ago and put the first load into the washer. Then I became engrossed in a book I am reading and completely forgot about the in completely, absolutely, totally forgot about it!  TWO HOURS later I just remembered it and headed downstairs to put the first load in the dryer and start the second load washing. Sigh....maybe a second equally good night of sleep is required to get my thinking straight again! hahahahaha 

I admit I kind of like having my husband home on a Saturday, even if he is spending most of the day in isolation at his computer desk.  Just having another presence in the house on a day when so many couples get to have a day off together make me feel happy.

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